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How can you be flexable like the girls in abby lee dance company?

What excersis can i do to be flexable like those girls cause iam 13 but not skinny like them

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    I LOVE Dance Moms! As a dancer of 11 years, and Competitive dancer of 5 years, I struggled a few years ago with being flexible. Here are some stretches:

    Do a deep lunge, with your front leg at a 90 degree angle, hold for 1 minute

    Still in your deep lunge, pull the foot and below the knee part of your leg that is not in front, to the other part of the leg, hold 30 seconds

    Straighten your front leg of your lunge, and be on the knee of your other leg, and put your nose to your knee, hold 30 seconds

    Go into straddle, hold at both sides and middle for 45 seconds each

    Go into straddle against a wall, and push against it, hold for 1 minute

    Go into your splits, hold for 1 minute each

    Do all of those things twice a day everyday, and you will see some improvement over the next few weeks/months. It takes a while, so don't quit! You'll get there! Remember, over a long period of time, not overnight.

    Good luck!!!

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    I'm 13 too and I started dancing in summer of 2012 I'm flexible, but not as quite flexible as the girls on Dance Moms because they've been dancing since they were little. I can do my splits, needle, tilt, back bend ect. How I got to be flexible is stretch for 30-60 minutes a day. To stretch do lunges sit in a straddle and stretch your legs and there's so Many other stretches to do just look up videos on YouTube. If you type in Good dance stretches you'll find many helpful stretches. Also if you type in fitforafeast they have a bunch of stretching videos and dance tutorials. Hope this helped xx

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    Abby Lee Skinny

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    Omg I absolutely love Dance Moms!

    As a dancer and gymnast, I trying the skills

    you want to master everyday until your body gets used to it. Practice lunging and going into splits, doing heel stretches and taking your leg up higher when you can. Don't forget to STRAIGHTEN THOSE KNEES!

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