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Feeling depressed, what can I do to help myself? 2 weeks post partum (10 points)?

I gave birth thru c section 2 weeks ago and I can't tell what I'm feeling any longer, my anxiety feels bad. Isteel anxiety when my baby cries at times. I feel like since I've came home from the hospital my bfs family and mine have been coming over to help, my mon sometimes doubts me as a mom because I'm "emotional". My mom never had confidence in me growing up and doesn't now. Im lucky to have my bf here to help, but he's tired of hearing how I feel and such. I don't blame him. I get bad mood swings and sometimes I can't express my words , I accidentally missed the wall and hit the window last night out of Fusteration when I was alone and he acted distant. I can't blame him and don't want to lose him

I want to change, where do I start? Someone tell me please, I have a therapy appointment but don't want to go..

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    Start with finding a HRT hormone replacement doctor or functional medical doctor in your area to test your hormone levels. If that is out of balance you could feel better in as little as 24 hrs. Call a compound pharmacy (ask a regular pharmacy ) and ask them what doctors are HRT or functional MD's.

    Go look at the tests she does here, she would be able to help .

    For the emotional baggage or messages , use the free version, read the basic recipe, and resistance,then the rest . or hire someone, this method removes, dissolves old pain and messages quickly, and helps you rebuild.

    For a break, find someone truatworthy to give you regular breaks, or call 211 and ask if they have that service in yur area, some do.

    Stop apologizing for your condition and feelings, you just put your body through a complete metamorphis in order to bring a child, his child , her grandchild, into the world, you were successful, and now your body is trying to get back to normal.

    I would change your therapy apointment to one of these in your area.

    Drugs are not going to change anything. Or go to yur appointment and then do this when it doesn't help.

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    Therapy is the last thing you need.

    You may have heard this before, but until you realise that You need to snap out of it nothing is going to change.

    The solution has to come from within you, if it's to have any lasting effect.

    What a gift to have your very own baby. Nothing else realky matters now.

    Just do the Best that you can.

    You are in charge now.

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    foll advice like Ashleys' do the therapy learn more about it link to a outstanding site U can tell your physician he can do a referral if you need one to see a psychiatrist for meds if your not nursing and a psychologist to help with your issues if your bf (frankly I think it should be BF) will improve if he sees your trying to take control of the situation.

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    go to your therapy appointment.

    there are so many women who dont seek help and end up commiting suicide, or harming/killing their child.

    please go dont be embarrassed that you feel this way, lots of women do. get the help you need so you can start feeling better and enojying your baby's life

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    Welcome to depression... It's going to ruin your life... We all wish that depression could just 'go away'

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