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Suggestions for potassium and magnesium rich diet?

I always had lower levels of potassium and magnesium. 1-2 months after I stopped taking supplements, while I was at sea, my heart rate has increased, so now I'm stuffing my face with pills again. Are there any specific types of foods I should be eating, so that I could maintain normal levels of potassium and magnesium naturally.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Potassium-Rich Foods

    Animal products are generally high in this mineral. Examples of the amount of potassium per 100 gm of food are clams, 628 mg; lobster, 352mg; codfish, 516 mg; haddock, 399 mg; halibut, 576 mg; tuna, 575 mg; and nonfat milk, 1,704 mg.

    Examples of vegetables with high potassium content are sweet potatoes, 475 mg; tomato paste, 1,014 mg; white beans, 453 mg; prunes, 731 mg; cowpeas, 418 mg; dates, 656 mg; eggplant, 123 mg; lentils, 369 mg; lima beans, 411 mg; plums, 731 mg; parsnips, 567 mg; squash, 437 mg; and bananas, 358 mg.

    Fruits high in potassium are grapefruit juice, 484 mg; orange juice, 674 mg; dried peaches, 995 mg; plantains, 465 mg; and raisins, 749 mg. Nuts, grains and seeds with high potassium content include almonds, 736 mg; chestnuts, 592 mg; pistachios, 1,054 mg; pine nuts, 604 mg; oat bran, 566 mg; peanuts, 736 mg; pumpkin seeds, 818 mg; wheat flour, 409 mg; and kidney beans, 403 mg.

    Magnesium-Rich Foods

    Nuts, seeds and grains have the greatest concentrations of magnesium. Examples of magnesium levels, per 100 g of food, are cottonseed meal, 721 mg; pumpkin seeds, 534 mg; soybean flour, 369 mg; sunflower seeds, 354 mg; and sesame seeds, with 346 mg. Nuts with high magnesium concentrations are cashews, 258mg; pinions, 234 mg; almonds, 275 mg; and Brazil nuts, 225 mg.

    Grains high in magnesium are amaranth, 266 mg; oats, 177 mg; wild rice, 177 mg; and barley, 133 mg. Fruits richest in magnesium include figs, with69 mg, and avocado, with 39 mg.

    Leafy green vegetables are a good source and include spinach, with 79 mg, and parsley, with 60 mg. Beans also are a good source, especially soybean flour, with 369 mg.

    Animal products are generally not as rich in magnesium as plants, except for snails, with 250 mg and caviar, with 300 mg.

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    Source(s): Low Potassium Kidneys Diets :
  • psYA
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    8 years ago

    If you get any nuts, whole grains or beans you'll easily get more magnesium than you need. Potassium is in every real food so as long as you eat whole foods and avoid refined foods like sugar, candy, and foods made with white flour (rather than whole grains) you should get enough. No food contains a huge amount of potassium, not even bananas, so you need to make sure most of your diet is this way.

    This is what I've found from putting together some health food mixes thoroughly calculated on spreadsheets. While the above is technically accurate and I'd appreciate the effort it is over complicated and not very helpful. For potassium no particular food has enough on its own and for magnesium focusing on any particular food would be overkill. Eat whole foods, bam, job done.

    Source(s): USDA nutrient database (amounts of each nutrient in foods):
  • 8 years ago

    Eat bananas

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