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Do alaskan Klee Kais make good companion dogs?

Have a 2 bedroom apartment, lots of room. Love running everyday (except weekends) but wife can walk on weekends. Want a dog that is loving, will get along with our tuxedo cat who is a major pussycat (always scared and hiding) I want a dog that will not mind relaxing at the end of the day and watching T.V with us. Don't mind a dog that needs a workout but preferably easier to train to obey orders rather then tricks. I am aware of the pack leader theory and method. I am a very strong advocate of animal rights and treating animals properly. Not sure what breed of dog will be good for us but I have narrowed down some results. *We will try and adopt whatever we do, except for perhaps the Klee kai which I do not think we will see in a shelter.

Live in Folsom, California btw cold winters, hottt summers.

1. Alaskan Klee Kai (Miniature, for apartment weight limits)

2. French Bulldog (It might sound silly, but I heard they fart a lot..is this true)

3. Havanese

Which is the better choice? I have experience with Chihuahuas (dislike the yappyness!) and GSD's. (too big for our home)

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    I would advise against the Klee Kai unless you're a very experienced owner, as they can apparently be a rather wilful yet nervy/sensitive breed, according to a trainer friend who has worked with a few. This is likely to be a tough combination to manage. Some French Bulldogs can also be quite pushy, you may find the Havanese more suited to your needs. However please read up on the scientific evidence disproving pack theory in dogs, as it is outdated and unfortunately encouraged/kept alive by the likes of Cesar Millan championing it on TV. More up-to-date trainers realise that these theories are incorrect, although a lot of people cling to them as it appears to neatly explain behaviour without delving more deeply into it.

    Here is just one explanation of what I mean, there are many;


    You can also look up very experienced trainers/behaviourists such as Ian Dunbar and Jean Donaldson, among others, for more in-depth information.

    Hope this helps, you sound as though you're approaching this very sensibly so hopefully you'll be willing to look up the evidence and make up your own mind, even if it means a U-turn in ideas that sadly are ingrained in many of the dog-owning population and kept alive by Cesar etc (he's not the only one).

    Good luck with your new dog, and hope you do manage to adopt, it's wonderful to see a rescued dog progress when given a proper home, appropriate training and plenty of love and affection. Just one point - if you get a puppy, it really shouldn't come running with you until at least a year old, as the joints will still be forming and receiving too much exercise too young can cause real damage to the joints in the long term.

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    Ok, first it's wonderful to hear you know that you know how to be your dogs pack leader - keep that up! You obviously sound ready for a dog.

    If you want a dog that will get along with cats, then the Havanese is the best dog of the options above. The long haired Havanese doesn't shed much either, although may require a bit of grooming.

    They need average amounts of exercise, are easily trained and don't bark much, so to me the Havanese sounds like the breed you should get. The french Bulldog is prone to fart, some slobber and none do well in weather of both extremes, especially heat. Running, especially in warm weather, would be difficult for this breed due to his weak respirotry system and flat face. Vet bills are usually high because this breed has quite a few health problems. They don't need to much exercise and are usually laid back so if you want a more relaxed dog this is the one. As for the Alaskan Klee kai, I don't know too much about the breed but I do know they require much more exercise than the other two breeds. They also need a good, strong, consistant leader if the aren't to develop beahviour problems, and need more socialisation than the other breeds.

    Overall I recon you get a Havanese, they would do best in your household. I hopw this helps!

    Source(s): Dog behaviourist and dog owner
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    Oh, those are dazzling canines. I observed one at my interior of reach puppy shop while i became into going to purchase canine nutrients at some point and at once fell in love. :) they have extremely severe quantities of potential. they could be walked and performed with often-- as quickly as an afternoon on the minimum. They do shed lots, and could be brushed in lots of cases. you in addition to could could teach your dominance with an Alaskan Klee Kai (no longer in a median way, yet teach it which you're in can charge.) on an identical time as nevertheless being affectionate and loving. Like somebody else spoke back, a canine is a family contributors dedication. you're able to comprehend that possibly at this element in time, you're able to no longer carry a canine into the enjoyed ones. i realize it is not the respond you needed to take heed to (while i became into around your age i could come onto this internet site and ask approximately canines, too.) yet each now and then its the actuality. you're able to try sitting down and speaking which includes your dad approximately it. Ask him if he purely would not desire a Klee Kai or if he purely would not desire a canine greater often than no longer. in case you particularly purely desire a canine, do your study. If he's prepared to ultimately get a canine, teach him that he would not could shield it. tell him which you would be the single feeding/walking/fiddling with the canine, whichever breed you wind up getting. additionally furnish to do chores (in case you do no longer already) to help enhance money for pay for the canine and the flaws it desires. in case you do chores, shop a number of your money. canines are high priced. no longer purely the canine by potential of itself, yet there is the the nutrients, the crate, the collar, the leash, vet expenditures and so on and so on. branch outdoors of the Alaskan Klee Kai and canines like it and look at different canines besides. you're able to be open with attempting to undertake a canine. you're able to locate the suited breed that matches conveniently into your existence type. My family contributors and that i needed a Dalmatian, yet upon doing extensive study we discovered that a Dalmatian isn't the canine for us. What did we finally end up getting? A toy poodle. thoroughly distinctive then what we initially needed, yet we like him besides. :)

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