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In life of Pi, why doesn't Richard Parker look back at Pi when they reach the Mexican coast?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The tiger, Richard Parker, does not look back because it is still a wild animal without domesticated qualities like a family's pet dog. The tiger instinctually headed for the camouflage of the forest. It was actually best for the tiger not to stay with Pi and receive notoriety status among reporters, crowds of onlookers, etc.

    Too, Pi's father was right. This story teaches us that you should not look back and live in the past or the future, live like the tiger and live for the moment. The tiger forgot about Pi because he lives in the present.


    "Pi was the tiger and it left because he only needed that part of him to survive. He could not take the wild beast in him back to civilization. The 'tiger' knew this and left his mind without looking back to show it would never come back in him. It was said in the movie the tiger kept Pi alive, by keeping him on edge. He was saved and, therefore, did not need the tiger to keep him alive anymore, its purpose served. Much like an imaginary friend disappears when a kid makes real friends and doesn't need him anymore."

    Source(s): I've taken the liberty to combine the best of multiple answers from the Yahoo! Q & A archives -- plus, I've seen the movie.
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  • 7 years ago

    Because he's a predatory and wild animal by nature, not a domestic pet like a dog. Hence he's not really one to outwardly express his affection (for lack of a better word) and do things like turning back or keeping vigil at Pi's side the whole time. It just wouldn't be realistic.

    However, I believe that they cared for one another. Otherwise the tiger would have abandoned Pi long ago such as at the magical forest or eaten him up.

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