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Bob asked in SportsBaseball · 7 years ago

Will the marlins trade giancarlo stanton?

Teams that could trade for him




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    7 years ago
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    The Marlins don't want to trade Stanton. They've stated that they would like to build their team around him. If they were to trade him, the Marlins' price for Stanton is sky high. But they are listening to offers for him. If the right deal comes along and if they feel like the trade is fair for both sides, they will pull the trigger. Though, it's probably unlikely he gets traded.

    The Rangers are a possible destination for Stanton to go to.Rangers have a ton of prospects such as Jurrickson Profar, Martin Perez, and Mike Olt.Maybe add another prospect or two and the Marlins may pull the trigger. With Hamilton gone, Stanton would easily replace Hamilton.He has the power to hit 50 home runs, and in the home friendly Rangers ballpark in Arlington, I bet he could hit more once he reaches his prime.

    Red Sox could get him, but I doubt they will.They do need another big bat like Stanton, but I don't think they'll be able to match the Marlins' price for him.They would probably have to include their top 3 prospects,Xander Bogaerts, Matt Barnes and Jackie Bradley, Jr. They may still be a little short for him.

    Mariners is another possible destination he could go to. The Marlins have a few good pitching prospects like Jacob Turner, Justin Nicolino, and Jose Fernandez, but pitching wins you games.Mariners could send Taijuan Walker and James Paxton, and the Marlins rotation can be dominant in 5 years or so.But they'd probably have to send in one more player.Safeco Field has hurt some hitters' production, but that won't be the case for Stanton as he's got stupid power.

    The Rays could get him. They've already got great pitching, and they have several pitching prospects in the minors.Jake Odorizzi, Taylor Guerrieri, and Chris Archer could be sent in a deal for Stanton.

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    Mike Stanton is going nowhere for the same reason that Justin Upton probably isn't going to be traded; their team's asking prices are sky high. I highly doubt any team will give up their entire farm system for a single player, even one as tremendously talented as Giancarlo Stanton. If any team were to do it, I would think it would be Seattle, since they tend to strike out on signing free agent sluggers with their pitcher friendly park. Boston would be a better fit, but I don't think they'll shell out the prospects since they don't really look like contenders this year. No way Texas does it, the asking price will be higher than Upton, and they won't even make a trade for him.

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    Marlins traded almost everybody in their team so I'm pretty sure they are going to trade Stanton.

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    Eventually they will move him to an AL team.

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