Black ops 2 knifing class setup?

I want to start knifing only. What perks and others should i use to effectively use a knife only?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The knifing class I use is:

    Primary: None 0/10

    Secondary: None 0/10

    Tactical: None 0/10

    Lethal: Combat Axe 1/10

    Wildcard 1: Perk 1 Greed 2/10

    Wildcard 2: Perk 2 Greed 3/10

    Wildcard 3: Perk 3 Greed 4/10

    Perk 1: Lightweight & Ghost 6/10

    Perk 2: Fast Hands & Scavenger 8/10

    Perk 3: Dexterity & Extreme Conditioning 10/10

    I find this set-up very efficient and effective.

    With the perk set-up, you run quickly, and for longer periods of time. You can knife, and throw your axe quicker. The enemy cannot see you on the radar, and you could climb/hop over things faster. It is the perfect class in my opinion.

    Source(s): I play Black Ops 2 4th Prestige, Level 53 0 'Shots Fired' on my Combat Record
  • 3 years ago

    conventional weapon: None Secondary: Ballistic Wildcard: 2 deadly grenades and choose deadly grenades as wrestle awl Set perks to somethig that makes you progression speedy or gets kill streaks faster. in case you % knife basically knife scorestreaks aswell I recomend UAV and then something relies upon on how stable you're

  • 7 years ago

    go ghost and blind eye for tier one tier two cold blooded and hie wire (cant remember spelling) and tier three engineer and dead silence you want to catch them off guard and for last point up to you id carry a smg for tough situations

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