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Irish citizenship laws?

My American friend was wondering if she could get Irish Citizenship through her Irish great grandparents

well, can she?

:-) Thankyou

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    No, Irish citizenship can only be claimed through a parent or GRANDparent born on the ISLAND of Ireland, a great-grandparent is too far out

    for your friend to claim Irish citizenship, her father/mother (the grandchild of Irish citizens) had to be on what is known as the Foreign Births Register BEFORE she was born, so she could be registered in a similar fashion. A grandchild has a claim to citizenship but it is not automatic, they must provide documentary proof & get themselves registered on the Foreign Births Register,citizenship only starts on the day they are entered on the Foreign Births Register. If the grandchild doesn't register until after their own children are born then the chain is broken.

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  • Docar
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    7 years ago

    If her parents held Irish citizenship at the time she was born then yes. If not no.

    Children of Irish parent (s) born in Ireland are considered Irish citizens. Their children have to be registered in order to gain citizenship. And their children (great grandchild) would have to have parents that were registered and acquired Irish citizenship.


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  • TSK
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    7 years ago

    Not unless next generations have registered as citizens.....

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