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How to bypass my admin password on windows 7?

I recently changed my password of my admin user and i cant remember it. I have another user which is only a standard user and I need to change settings and delete/reinstall software for business reasons, i cant wipe my laptop because I have important business documents to keep.

please help me as soon as possible it's really important.

I have tried 'cmd' hacking however i'm not administrator so I cannot 'cmd' hack.

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    Burn a bootable disc with Offline NT Password & Registry Editor and good luck. If you can't figure it out a local computer shop can remove the password for you quickly for a small fee

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Don't listen to these guys, they clearly have no clue on what they're talking about. I am a developer at Microsoft so I know a thing or two about computers. The only way to reset your windows password 100% safe is to use a software called Reset Password Pro.

    The software allows you to create a boot-disk, that can be made on a CD/DVD or USB stick. The boot-disk can then be inserted into any locked machine, and it's a simple case of pressing reset. Here is their official site:

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    Did you cnot create a password reset key? If you did you should use that. If not, your stuffed! Keep trying to remember it, if you can't, you may have to get someone in to do it (eg computer whizz technician dude). :0)

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    just ask the person you stole the computer from

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