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Shouldn't we cut welfare for the unproductive of society before we punish the successful with more taxes?

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    I figure the productive ones and their children are paying about $2000 per year to support the major welfare programs.


    How much does it cost each person, each year, to pay for welfare?

    $1740.98 per year, for every man,woman, child in the United States.

    Since about 25% are on the receiving end, it is actually higher, for those paying.

    [Keep in mind of those paying no IRS tax, "18,000 were households taking in more than $500,000 -- and of those, 4,000 made more than $1 million".]

    ~ ~ ~

    Consider first the total spent (not counting Social Security or Medicare):

    SSI – Supplemental security Income – not social security -for people who didn't work –

    $50 Billion a year.

    (see page 62 of the report)

    Medicaid ( not medicare) spending 2010 - $389 Billion:

    Food stamps 2011 - $71 Billion:

    TANF (cash assistance for families - federal funds) $21 Billion 2009

    (So I'm at $531 Billion a year (plus HUD, Energy, More).

    Figures for 2012 will be higher.

    Based on a population of 305 million, paying $531 Billion, is $1740.98 per person.

    ~ ~ ~ ~~

    But about 25% are on the receiving end.

    Here is how I arrive at that:

    The largest single welfare program is Medicaid (NOT Medicare).

    20% of all citizens are on Medicaid - 2009 - more today.

    Another large program is food stamps (SNAP). About 47 million in a nation of about 305 million means about 15%.

    There is considerable overlap between these groups.

    The other welfare groups: SSI (not social security), TANF (cash assistance), housing (HUD), energy assistance, WIC, etc, would be contained in one of these two groups - total overlap.

    So the total amount on 'welfare' (which we are saying does not include social security or Medicare, since they are contributed to by the beneficiary), and we are not considering VA beneficiaries, since they served their country to receive benefits, would be less than 35%.

    I put the number at about 25% - possibly higher, but not much.

    ~ ~


    There are some news stories out, putting the number as high as 47%.

    I have done some research of the studies that generated these numbers, and from what I see, the numbers make one talley for every program recipient. that is, if one person received both food stamps and medical assistance, that is 'two welfare program recipients' - even though only one person.

    Here is one example:

    We are told this information comes from "U.S. Census’s Survey of Income and Program Participation"j better know as 'SIPP'.

    Here is the home page:

    I invite the reader to wade through this to show I am mistaken.

    I do not believe it can be done - but one has to extrapolate the information, no easy matter.

    This report may be helpful:

    Source(s): welfare eligibility worker
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  • 4 years ago

    I hope you been planing to your retirement and not pondering the federal government will just handle you, but purpose at the cost it's now estimated that social safety will probably be entirely broke with the aid of 2025. Its now not a topic of no longer spending on other matters, as social safety and applications like that now take in over 60% of the price range in the usa. That's what humans do not look to realize when you don't correct the software and cut it again some you're going to loose all of it and very soon. PS slicing the Social safety tax that employee pay will not be correcting the situation for the future.

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  • Don M
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    7 years ago

    Raising taxes on anyone will make the economy even worse. Making the economy worse reduces job opportunities. Reducing job opportunities makes more people think they need welfare. Paying out more welfare and no longer collecting taxes from people because they are not working increases the deficit. Increasing the deficit makes idiot left-wing politicians say we need to raise taxes! It's a vicious circle.

    Yes, we should cut welfare for all except the truly needy who are incapable of helping themselves. And we should CUT taxes to spark new growth in the economy and create more job opportunities that allow people to get off welfare. The true definition of government compassion is the creation of economic opportunity so that fewer and fewer people need welfare.

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  • 7 years ago

    Hmm... Raise taxes on those who likely shafted millions to get where they are or shafted those who many of which got where there are by being shafted by the person at the top!? Lol.

    Obviously, stick it to those who can afford it! God forbid they have to give up one private jet flight a year to pay the extra taxes! *rolls eyes*

    What was failed to be mentioned is that while many on welfare may be there because they choose to be, there are also many that are there because they were doing their part and got injured or screwed in another way and can no longer do their part. Sorry, but to "dump" on those who had no choice is ridiculous!

    I personally am crippled. So, whilst not on Welfare out of personal principles, I am no longer a contributing member of society as you put it. But I am crippled because I got hurt in the job due to faulty equipment and neglect on my employer's part. But the corruption in the system prevented me from suing in my State, I couldn't even get the 30mins surgery to fix the injury, and now it is permanent! All thanks to the corruption and greed of the rich, powerful, and higher classes. So I first hand know exactly how the system works and just how corrupt it all is.

    So darn right, tax the wealthy who can afford it!

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The truth is that the most welfare that's handed out is to Banks. You want to fix this country? Regulate the banking industry. No more setting up the banks as being "too big to fail" along with the insurance companies they copitulated with to game the system for years. How do they respond when they get bailed out to the tune of 700 billion dollars? Record profits, record bonuses to executives. Why did we need to bail them out when they create money out of thin air anyway with fractional reserve banking???

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  • Jeff
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    7 years ago

    You mean like the military bro... how productive is it poking a stick at crazy people in the middle east non stop LOL?? We've been in Afghanistan now for 10 years costing trillions, with basically nothing to show for it but a dead guy at the bottom of the sea. Sun Tzu would wave a disproving finger LOL...

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  • James
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    7 years ago

    In truth I am more in favor of work fare. We give them a free bus pass. They show up for work sweep the streets, clean grafiety,weed wip the allies. At the end of the day. You swipe there debit card and they go home. No show late for work no pay. Cause problems on your job. Right to fire them.

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  • Batman
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    7 years ago

    Welfare makes money.

    And its only like 4% of total tax revenue. Less than that if you break it down.

    Technically disabled veterans benefits are welfare, should we cut that?

    Same for the elderly, should we cut Grandmas benefits?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The only thing the government should do for the unproductive is sterilizing them. Welfare is socialism, charity is socialism. FACT.

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  • 7 years ago

    i think first we need to level the playing field so that it is possible to determine who is productive and who is just fortunate. We should take all children away from their parents at birth and raise them in a state run facility where everybody has access to the same resources and the same opportunities. Then we'll really see who's worth the support and who's not.

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