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What are some pet names you have used?

I'm trying to think of some unusual pet names for future pets. I usually just name them off of movies or video games I like. Here are examples of pet names I have used

Fizzgig (the dark crystal)-cat

Shenzi (the lion king)-cat

Kovu (the lion king)-cat

Melody(the little mermaid 2)-cat

Mogwai (gremlins)-rat

Gizmo (gremlins)-leopard gecko

Optimus(transformers)-fish, pleco.

Rikku (final fantasy X)-rat

Tifa (final fantasy VII)-rat

Yuffie (final fantasy VII)-rat

Yoshi (Mario)-bearded dragon

Mushu (Mulan)-cat

Moogle (final fantasy)-gerbil

Kai (heavenly sword)-gerbil

Squirtle (Pokemon)-turtle

Potter(Harry potter)-dog, jack russel.

Max(a goofy movie)-black lab

Morph(treasure planet)-frog

Kiara(the lion king)-rat

Other names not from movies I have used are:

Sheeka (was going to use Chika meaning little girl but my mom misheard me for Sheeka and it just stuck)-cat






Fred-African dwarf frog

Edd-African dwarf frog

Checkers-African dwarf frog

Coral-beta fish

Taffy-sugar glider

Toffee-sugar glider



Names I plan on using someday/pets I plan on having someday:

Diesel-red Siberian husky

Demon(snow dogs)-black/white husky

DJ-orange husky

Maya(eight below)-grey husky

Xero(the nightmare before Christmas zero, I just like it spelled with an X)-all white husky or GSD

Zira(the lion king)-angora cat or silver tabby.

Hades(Hercules)-black cat.

Khaos(like chaos but spelt different)-all black husky or GSD.

Pandora, nickname panda-ferret.

Let me know what you think and what you're favorite pet names are/were :) and yes I have/had a lot of pets. I love animals. And if you can't tell I REALLY want a Siberian husky. So bad.

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    I've used: Tiny, Diana, Arthur, Rascal, Mila, Pearl, Nermal

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    One of my puppies has a cliche identify, Snow. However, that has a story sort of we failed to simply make a decision, oh we should title her Snow. She used to be born on the primary snow of the yr and that i was little and she or he used to be the one lady and i would constantly take her and play with her and that i referred to as her Snow baby so my dad and mom simply took off the baby however we nonetheless call her Snow youngster a lot. My other canine is Noire, I dont' fairly consider it can be cliche, I've certainly not visible one other canine with this title and she or he's a black lab - Noire means black in French so that's why she got her title. My two boy dogs, Jess and Beau, have human names that i like. We have been going to name Jess Jesse however my dad wanted to make use of him for hunting and he didn't feel that sounded "manly" adequate lol, however that not ever labored out, he's too scared and sweet to hurt something :). We nonetheless name him Jesse And my ancient dog that died used to be named Kacie. Oh, and we had a Miska (Althogh i'm no longer definite the way it was spelled) but we gave her to a girl that used to be watching for a canine that my mother labored with that works on the retailer down the road :(, she's Noire's sister :D Oh sure, and i like either human names or names that have a which means in one other language :) Sorry I wrote so much lol :p =]

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    Love many of your names...but I like to think of ones myself...pets that I have named...

    Chris, Megan, Victor, Ruby, Bradley, Ashlei (rabbits)

    Twinkie, Rolo, Liberty, Vixen, Holly & Jolly (hamsters)

    Cadet, Ensign, Colonel, Captain, General, Fuego, Buddha (betta fish)

    Hoover, Bissell, Ty, Caruso, Sam, Nip, Ollie, Vee (frogs)

    Tino, Tehani, Arizona, Apollo, Maize, Mariposa, Keno, Katella (snakes)

    Gypsy (cat)

    Raven (dog)

    J.J., Amora, Leah, Gibbs, Abby, Kensi, Ziva, Alex, Ducky, Noumea, Kone, Koumac, Tiga, Loeni (geckos)

    Several belong to my fiance, as well...

    Some of them have been named after NCIS characters, New Caledonia towns, Vacuum cleaners (for aquatic frogs that will "suck" food off of the bottom of the tank), Military labels, Christmas themed...etc.

    I also plan on getting another breeding group of leopard geckos for sometime in the future, named after old-time country music singers, Hank, Dolly, Minnie Pearl, and June.

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    Michael: Black lab.

    Joey: Siamese cat.

    Rainbow: Beta.

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    I have a chinchilla named Oliver :))

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    Dakota,coment cookie,boppy .boo, mo-mo,monster, my favorite would be DAKOTA (:

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