What is a good defense weapon?

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I'm 20 y/o living in the state of California. I'm able to purchase a shotgun and assault rifle (10 round clip semi auto) but I'm not able to purchase a pistol. I have clean history etc. so I am able to purchase a gun. In your opinion, what is a good home protection gun? I was looking at m14, ar-15s are too much and not effective enough under stupid CA laws.... Any suggestions? experience is always golden.

***Note****: I don't care if you don't like guns, I'm using it for protection. Criminals will always have guns illegally and use it against civilians. I fight fire with fire. If you don't want to answer my question, don't leave stupid snaring remarks. You will be reported.



In California, That's an assault rifle. As I've stated "under stupid CA laws.." and excuse my clip/magazine misuse.

Update 2:


Good for you. Not all 20 year old people are stupid and immature.

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    Bullets or shells?

    Well, if you are concerned about not being able to get one later, get an assault rifle now. I got my Mini-14 for $350 about 10 years ago, but that's irrelevant.

    But for actually defending yourself, get a shotgun. Most semi-auto rifles like the AR and the Mini-14 shoot a bullet that has too far of a range for home-defensive purposes. The .223 is great for shooting coyotes, woodchucks or people at moderate distances, but for close up, it's overkill. You shouldn't have to worry about what is 1000 feet behind the guy you just shot. And that's if you hit him. If you miss, that things going for nearly a mile before it stops. Anything in it's path for the next 2000 feet is in harms way. After that, it's still traveling, but you could probably stop it with a textbook.

    A shotgun holds fewer rounds, but is more effective at stopping an intruder, while sparing the life of the kids playing baseball 100 feet behind him.

    It is also better for indoor use. A shotgun (with shotshells, not slugs) will not rip through every room in your house the way a rifle would.

    People who are shot with shotguns do not continue into your house. The shock trauma is incredible.

    In CA, I'm not sure what the rules are. But if you plan on getting a pistol some day, the Hi Point carbine is a nice start. It's basically a rifle-configured handgun thats chambered for handgun cartridges. It's considered a rifle, but it's really short. It is better for target practice than a shotgun. For home defense, I would pick one of these before I picked a .223. But I would still pick a shotgun before that.

  • 7 years ago

    all around, shotguns are the most versatile. 12 gauge , 20 if you are smaller. Slug barrel so it's shorter. You have stopping power, and a variety of ammunition to choose from.

    00 buck is a solid choice, you have a spreading pattern, and stopping power. AND it will not fly through wall after wall and injure the innocents next door, a very important aspect. That way you do not have to evaluate your field of fire or approach the way on would with high powered ammunition.

    Rifles never seemed to be a valid option for home defense for the reasons mentioned above. It's not an infantry situation, and there are more innocents than intruders usually. Pistols have the element of maneuverability, but again, only fire a single projectile, and that proposes aiming issues.

    We carried 12 ga. extended magazine shotguns on guard duty exclusively when I was in the Marines.

  • barbe
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    3 years ago

    Any weapon you employ will require which you be knowledgeable in its use or it may desire to be ineffective, or particularly be taken off you're used against you. As you prefer training, your first ultimate weapon could be your palms as they'll consistently be accessible. prepare in Karate or JuJutsu types. there is not any such ingredient as a non-deadly weapon. you are able to kill with a finger or by using hitting the temple with the sting of a can of mace. For self protection that meets circumstances a million and a pair of you are able to attempt wearing a short stick the dimensions of an prolonged pen (or a pen). back, training in the expert use of it particularly is counseled. except you grasp some thing you will no longer do properly in a combat (different than by using twist of destiny). there is not any unfastened lunch, make the attempt. in case you're robbed, say held up with a gun, the weapon which you employ is the action of delivering your wallet. That’s what could shop your existence, no longer employing that ‘weapon’ could lose your existence. weapons could be misleading. speaking could be a weapon, additionally working away. A weapon is a device or approach that achieves your objective against opposition. Your first objective is to stay. A secondary objective could be to defeat an opponent. yet to do this you incredibly choose the motive, the weapon and the flexibility to apply it. Your opponent could be extra useful at employing a weapon than you're, how plenty has he practiced while in comparison with you? you're able to desire to be waiting to entice out your weapon until now he used his; you drawing, he basically pulls the set off or stabs with the blade, who wins? Has he a mate at the back of you or close by? Take a Self-protection direction and you may even see basically how particularly a weapon could be taken off you. there is likewise using approach or deception, which includes being disarming to disarm.

  • 7 years ago

    If you call a magazine a clip, you should take some NRA classes before buying a gun. If you call a semi auto rifle an "assault weapon", you should take some classes and learn more about guns before you get one.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    When the Democrats finally achieve their goal of disarming Americans you can still legally own a fake gun. An enemy has no idea it's fake, so he will back down, but you will be legal at the same time. If you try to own a gun after they become illegal you would only be able to use it one time. So hiding your gun is a worthless idea. If the Democrats are successful in disarming Americans that will be the end of free America. Thank the brain-dead Democrats.

  • 7 years ago

    I would get 12 Gauge shot gun pump. You don't have to be a great shot and if not a close range you probably wont kill them witch is better for you in the long run

  • 7 years ago

    You could get a tactical shot gun those work well and they are short enough to move around effectively. It would stop anyone from doing anything

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    "I'm 20 y/o living in the state of California"

    yeah, that's as far as I got. A supersoaker will run you about $20 but don't put amonia into it or anything, it would then be classified as an Assault Weapon.

  • 7 years ago

    .10 gauge shotgun

    It's effective, and the sound of it will scare off anything still standing.

    Best of luck!

  • Rick
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    7 years ago

    A shot barreled shot gun, full choke with bird shot.

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