Where is the proper front sight placement on an AR quad rail?

I have purchased a quad rail for my AR. I replaced my gas block and made the quad rail a few inches longer then the stock foregrip. When placing my Magpul MBus popup sights on the end of the quad rail it seems that the placement is too far forward. Should the popup be placed above the gas block to keep the same distance from front to rear sight, or will I get better accuracy in keeping them spread out? Are there factory recommendations for each brand of iron sights or is there a general rule for placement?


I assumed that was the Case spreading them out Joe. What I wasn't sure about was that, If at some point in time spreading the front and rear sight apart would be counter productive as you look through the rear aperture. Spreading them apart makes the front sight look smaller and leaves more room for correction and learning how to place the sights correctly to be on target. Setting the front post at the location of the gas block gives the sights the same look as normal for the most part while looking down the open sights.

As for Mr. 357 the pun was not gotten, and I am still wondering who mentioned anything about where the hand guard is pointing?

I am prior service and have shot tactical weapons since I was 5 years old. I know how to shoot and am pretty dang accurate. This is the first AR I have built from scratch (stripped upper and lower, etc.) . Most quads usually end right before or after the gas block depending on the rail. Mine extends about 5 or 6 inches past the

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    8 years ago
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    The front sight should be mounted on the gas block. You shouldn't really care where the handguard is pointing. It is much more important to know where the barrel is pointing since that is where the bullet comes out of and has much more impact (pun intended) on where the bullet hits than where the handguard is pointing.

    Edit: I built my upper and lower. I have a free float hand guard. Free float hand guards are made specifically so that the hand guard will not point in the same direction. The barrel will always point in the same direction, no matter where the free float hand guard is pointing.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The further apart the front sight is from the rear sight, the better the shooter is able to aim the rifle. Minor imperfections in sight picture are exagerated with shorter sight radius.

    Put your front sight has far forward has you can for best accuracy.

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