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Why are male nude scenes open set.?

Why is it when an actor needs to disrobe or be semi nude or whatever or in his underwear or just naked, like I don't know Christian Bale in American Pyscho for example, why do directors, have them naked with many crew members around, and when a female gets naked, there is like on five to seven people on set, and the crew is very small, is it because, well men naked in front of other men no big deal and women naked in front of men, so they demand more privacy that sort of thing.


Edit: @Mitchell, um, if I remember distantly, Christian Bale was full frontally naked in that film, and for example, an Canadian-American actor his name is Nathan Fillion, he talked about how when he did his nude scene, how there were many people on set, men and women, but mostly women, Charlton Heston in Planet of the apes, if I recall , correctly, he said about the infamous court scene where he was in the nude, "one of the coffee girls said mmm nice buns" and last but not least, in the 2001 , psychological , thriller, Joy Ride, Paul Walker walks in stark naked into a diner and they said , on the dvd commentary that the set had many extras and unknown people that day. here the links if you don't beleive me.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egneTrhzINc

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    This is not true almost all nude scenes and sex scenes are filmed on a "closed set" regardless of sex.

    "American Pyscho" is not a good example in fact Christian Bale refused to do full nude scenes and as a result a special piece of clothing was created to hide his "special man parts" but make it look like he was nude that device called a "cock sock" in the wardrobe business is now standard for male movie actors.

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