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Why was the idea of purgatory created?

Was it created to make people think that our short Earth life isnt the last chance to get to heaven?


To @ray all of the bible passages u posted doesnt really have a connection to purgatory. Like the second one. He was forgiven, but his actions still had consequences. It doesnt have a connection to purgatory, because he could still be punished while alive.

In my own opinion, i dont think purgatory was created as a portal to be cleansed or whatsoever, because if that were the case, how could we explain the "stories of souls" that had to be prayed for a certain number of times before entering heaven? Its like a second chance, right? Its a bit odd, theres only heaven or hell, no middle ground except earth. If there were a purgatory, Christs death would be useless

Update 2:

For someone who asked how the concept pf purgatory would make Jesus' death useless, i say that because the bible says that jesus is the way the truth and the life. He was the only way thru which we could get to heaven, and is only possible if we accept him as our Lord and Saviour. Now if purgatory allows "not-bad-enough-to-be-at-hell" people to have a chance to gain prayers from people of the Earth so they could get to heaven, then it sounds like there are two ways (purgatory and Jesus) instead of one (Jesus) to have access to the heavenly gates right? Ummm i know about how the souls of purgatory needs prayers because theres this one rite called chaplet of the divine mercy which, accdg to a catholic teacher, sends thousands of purgatory souls in heaven.

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    It was a convenient tool for Catholics to explain how a few well-known and well-liked individuals (Aristotle, most specifically) could escape the Pit despite having no chance at redemption through faith in Jesus, due to the simple fact of having lived and died before He ever arrived.

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    One really requires a decent understanding into ancient history during the particular time of interest.

    Pulling verses out of context is a lazy, somewhat ignorant way to prevent the actual study time required to learn the true meaning.

    Example: Romans 11:25-29

    Far too many non-catholic churches deny the existence of Purgatory.

    However, a short in-depth study will denote the truth concerning this location as recorded in the Bible.

    Let me explain:

    The Parable of the Rich man and Lazarus.

    A myriad of non-catholic churches believe the Hebrew Rich man was in Hell, yet he still had enough love to ask if he could go back to warn his brothers.

    Remember, in hell love does not exist only pure hatred, whaling and grinding of teeth!

    Well ~ then where was the rich man?

    Obviously, he was in purgatory for the Hebrew cannot go to hell, the latter are God's chosen people and we have St. Paul specifically saying in Romans 11:26

    "and thus all Israel will be saved, as it is written"

    The word "all" is very exact (all ~ meaning God's chosen people which are the Hebrews/Jewish).

    Sure as non-Hebrews we may say that is not fair, but who are we to judge the Sovereign Redeemer and Creator?

    Furthermore, we have 1 Corinthians 3:15:

    "But if someone’s work is burned up, that one will suffer loss; the person will be saved, but only as through fire".

    Where can one pass through fire and still be saved?


    Sadly, in hell one cannot be saved nor ever have the interest or desire to openly speak of love.

    A priest once said that if the souls in hell had flesh they would tear it from their own skin because the hatred for oneself is so great.

    People need to learn the truth and take the time to study the word alongside a good ancient history book!

    Finally, it is important to understand that the Catholics did not create Purgatory, the latter is of Hebrew origin.

    God bless'

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    The basis of Purgatory is that Christianity is the only Religion in the History of the World that promises that has the option of returning the dead to life.

    . JOHN 11:20-26.

    23. Jesus saith unto her,

    "Thy brother shall rise again."

    24. Martha saith unto him,

    "I know that he shall rise again in The Resurrection at The Last Day."

    25. Jesus said unto her,

    "I am The Resurrection, and The Life:

    he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

    26. "And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.

    Believest thou this?"

    That is to say, NOW.

    Hypocrites push everything off into the Ancient Past, or the Distant Future

    ("If its too far enough away, we're not responsible for it!") so they don't

    have to confront the Truth that God is not with them.

    When an Evangelist like T.L. Osborn used to be, or Reinhard Bonnke

    goes into a Foreign Land, to hold a Crusade, the easiest thing in the World

    is to fake raising the dead. However, it is impossible, in such a meeting,

    where your evangelistic team is outnumbered by a thousand to one,

    to prevent people bringing REALLY dead people to lay at your feet,

    such that, if you are a liar, and cannot do what you say,

    at the very least, everyone is going to hear about it,

    and in extreme cases, you don't get out the crusade ground alive.

    I have never heard that this ever happened to any such Evangelist,

    Why should that be?

    But we were talking about Roman Catholicism, who used Jesus' power over the dead

    to create the greatest stranglehold on peoples' minds the World ever saw.

    . MATTHEW 23:1-15.

    14. "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!

    for ye devour widows' houses,

    and for a pretence make long prayer:

    therefore ye shall receive The Greater Damnation."

    People were brainwashed from infancy with baptism in an echo-chamber,

    with harmonious music and singing, written by the greatest composers

    on Earth, to synchronize their brainwaves, as nothing in their environment could.

    I believe that this is why Christians fought "Rock & Roll."

    The Roman Catholic Church made people believe that THEIR ACTIONS

    affected the disposition of their beloved relatives in Purgatory,

    where if widows did not bankrupt themselves to pay for "masses"

    for their dead husbands, they could go to Hell, and it'd be their fault.

    Source(s): . VATICAN ASSASSINS, by Eric John Phelps. MYSTERIES OF THE VATICAN or CRIMES OF THE PAPACY, by Dr. Theodor Griesinger. THE TWO BABYLONS, or Papal Worship proven to be the worship of Nimrod and his wife, by Rev. Alexander Hislop. ALBERTO, by Jack T. Chick. DOUBLE-CROSS, by Jack T. Chick. THE GODFATHERS, by Jack T. Chick. THE PROPHET, by Jack T. Chick. THE FORCE, by Jack T. Chick. FIFTY YEARS IN THE CHURCH OF ROME, by Rev. Charles Chiniquy. SHOGUN, by James Clavell.
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    Yes, I once would have asked this question but now have an experience that required my full attention to not too keenly insist upon an explanation of purge and perdition, purity and erudition.

    A single Creator, our loving God, who has need to have a purgatory rumored through his paradaisical grounds must indeed have created the hellish for a damn good reason, and though its messages seem eternal of the infernal, some means of might and measure mesh the miracle of life with the gnashing wellness of a gator's mouth.

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    According to Catholic teaching, purgatory is nothing other than a purification for those who are on the way to heaven. At death, one is either in a state of mortal sin or in a state of grace. Those who are in mortal sin go to hell. Those who are in a state of grace are either perfectly detached from sin and go to heaven, or they still have some attachment to sin and therefore need purification before entering heaven, and this happens in purgatory.

    So if someone dies in grave sin, there is no hope of repentance. If someone dies in grace, but is not perfect, then purgatory is like a final cleaning before one goes before the sight of God.

    "He will not get out until he pays the last penny." Luke 12:59

    "And I said: "Woe is me! For I am lost; for I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts!" Then flew one of the seraphim to me, having in his hand a burning coal which he had taken with tongs from the altar. And he touched my mouth, and said: "Behold, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away, and your sin forgiven." " Isaiah 6:5-7

    Source(s): See paragraph 1030:
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    I'm focusing on your last sentence, because other people have said this and I can't understand the reasoning. Admittedly, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. Why would Purgatory make His death useless? Does Jesus' crucifixion make His three years of teaching useless?

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    Purgatory is a Biblical concept, as seen in these passages:

    Rev. 21:27 ...nothing unclean

    shall enter Heaven.

    2 Sam 12:13-14 ...David,

    though forgiven, still punished

    for his sins.

    2 Macc 12:44-46 ...atoned for

    the dead to free them from

    their sins.

    1 Pt 3:19 which he went

    and preached to the spirits

    in prison...

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    purgatory is actually a left over from many ancient religions which practiced praying for the dead many hundreds of years before Jesus was born. it is an ancient pagan tradition and was and is also practiced in non-christian religions such as buddhism and hindu.

    as it is known today, it was concepted in about the 11th century, as part of the darkness people went through in the dark ages where the light of scripture and the truth of God's word were so deeply hidden from the ordinary people because the catholic church was at that time experiencing such depth of power over everyone. so they concepted this idea based on how popular it was in the past in ancient religions and found it to be a great way to raise money for their power plays on the world scene, since people pay for the candles they light for the dead to try to help them escape from purgatory. they managed to find a few scriptures to twist to make it seem plausible and people accepted it because no one had their own bibles to read and determine if it were true or not.

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    Some people aren't good enough to get into Heaven but not deserving of Hell.

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    It has been a pagan-belief and viewing the same in the light of any of the Book of God... nullifies it in all respects.

    Why would God like to test the same person over and over?

    So it's a one change, one inning game, just on opportunity to either make it or break it... your choice.


    Source(s): a Maverick a Muslim (in faith)
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