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did you see any Japanese guy who has the guts to be regarded as a Samurai?

All I can see is these girly, small unmascurine, feminine boys like Sho Sakurai or Jin Akanishi.

And Japs are coward today just like girls rumours about others and try to ridicule the other person's


We have to be the same looks, same behavior not to be redicure by the Japs.

By the way, my question is DID YOU FIND AND JAPANESE GUY who is regarded as a Samurai

or at least Samurai at heart.

Never to fear anything. who has Guts to do Harakiri when needed.

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    Harakiri is suicide. And suicide is not recommended for any reason.

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    My friend Tsuyoshi is a real man. Rides a Yamaha 1200.

    FYI, the samurai went out in the mid 1850's. " Harakiri " is against the law.

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    The last person known to have committed harakiri (or seppuku, disembowelment) was Yukio Mishima

    Over 30,000 people a year kill themselves in Japan, none by seppuku, which is a very slow and painful way to die.

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    well japan is made up of 127,817,277 people, sho sakurai or jin akanishi doesn't represent for the japanese.

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  • 7 years ago

    Takeshi Kitano?

  • 7 years ago

    I thought Harakiri happens weekly in Japan? you know the suicide problem? go to aokigahara, but they don't cut themselves since we are in the 21st century and there is no one to cut their head off

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    As a native Japanese, i asure you that it's hard to find such a guy out here in Japan now.


    Source(s): An angly Japanese.
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