What do you guys think of this story idea. Teen, fantasy genre.?

My story takes place in a kingdom that surrounds a sea and is threatened by an empire from the outside. The Empire has developed a sickness called Blue Fever that is starting to spread throughout the kingdom. Not many people yet realize what this sickness is or that it's even spreading, but it's almost always deadly.

The main character is a 16 or 17 boy named William. He'd the son of the noble who governs a city in the Kingdom. There's a big class and cultural devide. People in the nobility are taught that cleanliness and propriety are more important than anything else. The people who are poor and are forced to live in less than clean or propper conditions are considered unclean. The nobility blame them for it and have little sympathy. The nobility are also very strait minded. They have done away with anything romantic. Religion and spirituality are "Superstitions." Nature is meant to be controlled and conquered by man. Romantic Love is a useless fantasy. William is very sheltered. He has these strict beliefs too. But then he starts hearing rumors about this Blue Fever and it concerns him. He wants to help the people in the kingdom who are getting sick, but because most of the victems are poor people living in unsanitary conditions, his father refuses to let him "waste his time on it." So he runs away from home. He meets a group of teens who are quite the opposite of what he's used to. These kids run around barefoot, sleep under the stars, they do physical labor for a living. Chief among them is Vivian Terran, a girl who's family died of the fever. They are all going to the kingdom's capital to meet with Vivian's brother, who is a naturalist an might have way to treat the fever using herbs and medicines. They travel through mountains and forest. William has to learn how to let go of his uptight ways and open his mind to a more free way of thinking and living.

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    You know, and I am honestly being more serious than I have ever been before, I absolutely and positively adore that idea. It is simple, yet intriguing. Not naming the kingdom and the empire an actual name is what I mainly liked. It is broad and basic. Keep it that way. Keep the kingdom simply called Kingdom, and the empire it is surrounded by as the Empire. Plus, I just loved reading your plot. Seriously, I think this is a great idea. It reminded me, very loosely (no need to panic, your idea is very, very different from anything I've read before) or the Hunger Games. The rich, idiotic people of the Capitol (or the nobles of your kingdom) who refuse to care about those in other districts (or, in the lower and outlying parts of your kingdom). But, I like that what you have done is, instead of focusing it in the bitterness of the poor, you have made it that it is a young, rich, noble who abandons all inheritance and nobility to help cure this Blue Fever. One of the most enticing plots I've ever heard of, and I seriously don't usually say that. Not even about my own book. It may seem like I'm bragging, but I am seriously not. I just love this idea. If you ever write the book, you should post it on wattpad or somewhere.

    Great idea; I would say that it fits into the genre of high/epic fantasy. That is a genre of which usually means is set in a fictional world, different from our own (like A Song of Ice and Fire or Discworld or Earthsea). Definitely high/epic fantasy. Also, if there are any battle scenes, it could be a sword and sorcery type thing, if you wanted it to be. Also, I think that your age range could be teenagers, young adults, your basic fantasy readers.

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    There's nothing 'original' about it.

    Blue Fever = Black Death?

    It could work but what are the characters actually trying to accomplish?

    Are they trying to get rid of the Blue Fever? Or does something much bigger occur later on?

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