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Does anyone know how hair will look using these types of hair curling rods?

A 5/16 curling perm rod





I read the " DESCRIPTION " of it but this might sound childish but I need PICTURES. And I can't find any or they end up looking the same. My hair is 4 probably 6 inches in length, from my scalp to the ends, i HAVE dyed it before and I haven't dyed it in a month or two. I just want to know how the rods will leave your hair. ANY HELP PLEASE?

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    First of all, CURLING PERM RODS are used for perming your hair using chemicals.

    The photos you see in the magazine ads or TV advertisements, took a lot of manipulation: hairstylists to curl your hair, photographers & his assistants to adjust lighting, and several shots of films, and the model 8 hours to be photographed. . . . with professional hairstylist standing by, to do touch ups. There are no touch-ups, when you do your own hair, and you're going outside in the wind, rain, etc. . . . that flattens and pollute the hair even more. Another reason, why the hair industry is a trillion dollar business.

    If it's a video, 3 cameras and mirrors so you can see how you look while you're being videotaped. It's the trick for the hair industry to sell and temp the buyers. Their job is to make tons of money, but they don't tell you everything why, what, when and how. They also don't give you money back guarantee for damaged hair. Why do they do that? Because they’ll do anything to convince suckers like us to shell out for a 'magical product'. HEAT & CHEMICALS are hair's worst enemies.

    If you want curly hair, (or straight hair to tame your curly hair) look @ videos or hairstyles of women in the late 40's or 50's, and see how healthy & silky their curly hair was. Have you seen Miracle on 34th Street? Many women then wore hats, and pin-curled or plastic curlers curled HAIRSTYLES. The men too, have very shiny hair like the women . . .that was before the invention of heating tools.

    People slept with their curlers on, or sit in the beauty salon for 20 mins. under a helmet of hair dryer.

    Curlers comes in small, medium, large curlers.

    Small if you want tighter curls, shorter hair.

    Medium: medium curls, medium length hair.

    Large: longer hair, larger curls.

    "smaller section of hair you use the tighter/bouncier the curl, and the longer bigger section you use the bigger the wave or loose the curl. "

    Start your curlers, where you want the curls to begin.

    You can also pin curls your hair, if they're short to medium. You can also braid your hair the night before, after they've been wash, all night and sleep with them, and take the braids out in the morning. Finger comb to style. Use scarf to keep them from the wind.

    HEAT PROTECTION, does not protect hair 100%. Like using sunscreen, you still get sunburned. Same with hair. Hair products are not made of glue to fix, prevent, reverse hair from getting damaged or hair loss, they ARE A TRILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS, and the hair industry also do not give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss caused by heat & chemicals.


    5 decades of great hair know-how, previously damaged by perming & dyeing in the 80's & 90's

    Look @ my hair now, with just the use of bottled cheap shampoo, no conditioner. We also have soft water. When traveling, I briefly rinse with bottled water. Celebrities rinse theirs with Perrier water. ~ InStyle mag.

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