How do Germans teach the kids about the holocaust?

I mean how do they teach them in schools not personally. Do they admit that most of the country was wrong or is it something no one brings up? Are there still Nazis in Germany? I'm being serious so don't yell at me saying I have stereotype thoughts about Germany.

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  • 7 years ago
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    WWII, the Nazi regime and the Holocaust are compulsory (!) parts of the curriculum in German schools. Also, these topics are covered in several grades and in various subjects (e.g. German Literature, Religious Education), not only in History. The focus is on the reasons for the rise of Nazism, the Holocaust, and life in Nazi Germany. Military history, i.e. talking about the most important battles of WWII, does not figure much.

    It is true that German students did not learn much about Hitler and the Holocaust in school in the immediate after-war period (1950s/1960s) when the teachers themselves were members of the war generation and avoided the subject. But that was a long time ago - none of the present-day teachers were even alive at the time.

    E.g. History curriculum in Bavarian high schools for grades 11/12:

    1.) Reasons for the failure of the Weimar Republic (emphasis: to what extent were persistent antidemocratic structures in society responsible for the end of democracy)

    2.) The Holocaust and how it could happen

    - Jews in Germany since WWI (Jewish contribution to German culture, anti-Semitism)

    - rise of the NS regime and the end of democracy

    - Nazi ideology and propaganda

    - comparison of Nazi anti-Semitism with traditional anti-Semitism

    - persecution and murder of the Jews

    - other victims (e.g. Sinti & Roma, communists)

    - persecution of the Jews: attitude/involvement of the German population

    "Do they admit that most of the country was wrong?"

    - Obviously. No offence, but these kind of questions are slightly annoying to Germans such as myself. Perhaps you can understand what I mean if you imagined that people from other countries believed that most Americans still supported slavery and were continually asking you how many personal slaves you kept in your backyard.

    "Are there still Nazis in Germany?"

    - As in many other countries including the United States, there are small right-wing or Neo-Nazi groups in Germany. Unlike many other countries, however, Germany has banned Nazi symbols such as the swastika and Holocaust denial is illegal, i.e. you can go to prison for it.

    If you mean people who were members of the historical Nazi party - most of them are dead (even a person who was only 18 when the war ended is 85 now).

    Source(s): I'm German
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    There are no Nazis in Germany. In America, you won't go to prison just for identifying as a "Nazi". In Germany, you are not allowed to adorn or express anything Nazi related. It is illegal and you could spend a very long time in prison if you do.

    I would imagine that the story is the same with nuances when taught in schools. I mean nobody's able to distort the truth too much in this day and age when the internet says it all.

    They also would never say (as with any country) that their country was "wrong". It's the regime that was wrong but you never spit on your own country.

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    Yes, they do teach it in schools like Americans teach slavery. It's not exactly something that can be ignored or forgotten. And as history repeats itself, it's very important to teach people about our failings.

  • 7 years ago

    In the past, the holocaust was something everyone in Germany simply avoided talking about it. Today German students learn tons about their country's actions in WWII and the holocaust, more than we probably do.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Finally, a good question in two months. I would assume that they man up and admit their mistakes.

  • Mingle
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    7 years ago

    They would tell them the truth just like how Americans tell the truth about slavery.

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    I imagine they sugar coat it, and present it in a similar fashion that American teachers do when they teach kids about how the pilgrims f*cked over the natives... I imagine that chapter of the history book isn't talked about much.

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    Im sure there is only one page in the history textbook about that and a three minute discussion about it in history class. I know when i was in school, the white teachers didnt talk too much about apartheid(im south african)...all they talked about was Nelson Mandela...they didnt say WHY he was in jail etc im sure the German teachers dont talk too much about it....''Hitler was a bad man. Okay bye, its breaktime!''

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