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Questions regarding Dos Santos vs Cain?

1. Who's the most likely candidate(s) who might be next in line for Cain Velasquez?

2. Do you think *maybe* Dos Santos lost on purpose to avoid fighting with Overeem? Perhaps giving him a better look at his game plan IF Overeem fights for the title against Cain?

3. Who will Dos Santos fight next to climb back at the ladder? Possible opponents for Junior?

4. What happened to Kongo, Roy Nelson and Mir at right now? Will they be in line or are they too far back for a title?

5. Sorry for being ignorant on this one. But is Daniel Cormier in the UFC or will he be in the UFC soon? I heard rumors he was calling out Frank Mir. Doesn't that mean he's gonna one day meet Cain in the cage for the title? Isn't Daniel Cormier heavyweight like Cain?

I understand this might be too early to ask. I'm only being speculative. :)

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    1. Overeem for sure, he's got a fight with Bigfoot first though, Cormier won't fight his training partner so Overeem is the only option.... or JDS trilogy fight....but please no....let JDS knock out a few more cans first.

    2. Nah lol, JDS has bad cardio... I picked JDS because Cain is reckless and has no gameplan and he proved I was right in the first round when he was getting embarrassed by JDS early... I however expected JDS cardio to at least last 2 rounds not half a round so he'd get more time to KO Cain... seems his cardio may be even worse than we expected, but why would you lose to avoid losing? Makes no sense, he makes way more money by beating Cain in a title fight and then losing a title fight to Overeem.

    3. Cormier, but I think Cormier will beat him. But if they are smart they'd give him someone that's an easy win so he can rebuild his hype train

    4. No there is Overeem and Cormier above them. Hell JDS is still above them for a trilogy fight against Cain.

    5. He's coming to the UFC but he will never fight Cain. it's his team mate.

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    2.Probably not I mean its his first loss in the ufc. Im sure he wanted to be unbeaten.

    3.Daniel Cormier

    4.Their far from the title'

    5.He probably will sign with the ufc. He will meet cain. Yes he is a heavyweight

    Dude its not early to speculate at least you done it with class instead of being Biased like others

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    1. It's up in the air, really. Whoever the promoters think will give the audience a good show.

    2. No.

    3. Again, up in the air.

    4. I think they're too far back (at least right now) for a title.

    5. I heard that Cormier was calling out Mir, too, so I think it's entirely possible that we'll see him (Cormier) in the UFC soon.

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  • 7 years ago

    Probably either Nelson, Fabricio, or Overeem. Probably not Cormier since he hasnt fought in the Ufc yet and that hes friends with Cain. Might bring in Barnett or Carwin as alternates.

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    i think of Cain has a greater effectual threat of triumphing. He has greater strategies of ending the combat. Junior Dos Santos has purely a million: He knocks you out along with his palms purely. I mean hes a BJJ pink belt, it isn't any the place close to the point of a Div. a million collegiate wrestler in terms of a floor pastime. Plus Cain isn't an fool, he's no longer gonna stand and bang with Dos Santos and notwithstanding if he does, while he gets rocked he will circulate into wrestler mode and verify out to take Santos down. JDS's takedown protection is extremely reliable yet he hasn't been up a against a high quality wrestler like Cain, Carwin or Brock so it hasn't extremely been examined. Cain has certainly shown that he's greater nicely rounded. His miraculous is getting close to acceptable at cases (like the nogueira combat. the mixture he have been given him with and the precise photos that he finished with while nog fell down became into suitable to work out) and his wrestling and dominance on the floor has continually been there. even with the actuality that if JDS can quit the takedowns or if he shall we his palms circulate early then he has an exceedingly reliable threat of thrashing Cain. Cain=70% JDS=30%

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    yes true

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