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Becoming annoyed with Native Americans?

Now I am not a girl that cares too much about race but it feels like parts of me is missing when people ask me what is my racial make-up I either avoid the question or they readily assume I am mixed Asian, Hispanic, or Filipino and black. No I'm not someone that lies because I'm ashamed of being black I don't mind it at all and love my race and I can't ignore that I am part Native American too, no this is not a myth or whatever am I'm not just claiming it for the **** of making a askionaire. All of my grandparents are completely 50% black and 50% native. Most people that are mixed with native often lie or disregard that part of their heritage because of the utterly DISGUSTING feed back that is given by Natives of them lying or trying to just get their benefits or whatnot. I could see if i was mixed with a race in another country then maybe i wouldn't be so bitter because information would be harder to access and it THAT would be a legit reason. Ever thought that maybe we just wanted to approach you to learn more about the heritage? The fact that some of you are so private and not willing to share your culture with people who are OF your nationality because their mixed is disgusting. I wish I could ask my grandparents about it but they're dead and the one alive has dementia! I ask my dad because he was raised by his native grandmother but he doesnt like to talk about his experiences. This was basically me just getting a lot of my chest about the way people who are mixed with native ancestory are treated. I am always ashamed to tell people and if I do it is with no dignity at all and is almost SPAT out because of the way they've treated me. All because I want to meet them and learn more or just ask question. Why? It's not like I came over Christopher Columbus style trying to steal your souls. Any advice on this I really just want feed back of why you people treat people like crap because they're mixed. One day I only wish to feel comfortable enough to correct someone when they assume I'm Hispanic or Latino mixed. Thank you -_-! God bless your souls.


Noone owes anything to anyone in the world but respect, wouldn't you agree? And how can you love a part of you that doesn't WANT to be apart of you? the moment I mention my heritage to a native they instantly don't like me as if I'm trying to take something from them, is it because I said something? If I could control it I sure as hell would've by now ill tell you that much. I'd disregard it all together but I'm the curious cat sort.

Update 2:

I'm choosing you for best answer because you proved my point of how natives act when someone asks questions. What you are basically saying is that since I'm not registered that I'm not part Native American? That's like saying that I'm not a human unless I have documents.... You also stated that since I'm not part of a tribe now or suffered that I can't possibly be of native heritage? That's like saying that since I wasn't beaten as a slave in the roots days that in not Native American... My grandparents probably ARE registered but I'd never know it because they're dead! My mother DEAD. My father; grew up in Mississippi in the 50's and refuses to speak about being rejected because he was mixed (he and I are estranged). Does this mean I can't find out on my own about my heritage? How DARE you tell someone they can't be a race that they were born? How dare you tell me I can't learn about a ethnicity that I identify with? Oh becau

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    Here are the problems I see with your claims.

    If your grandparents are all 1/2 native american, ALL of them WOULD be enrolled in federally recognized tribes. All of them. No "if", "ands" or "buts" about it. Why? Because when they were born, their native american parent would not have been allowed to give birth to them in a "colored" OR "white" hospital. They would have had to go to a BIA hospital for indians, where they would have been recorded on a census record of some sort. On top of that, their parent would have wanted to enroll them in their tribe. Every single black person in my tribe is enrolled, having a black parent doesn't stop their Suquamish parent from enrolling them. There are roughly 20 people in my tribe (including my children) who are both black and Native.

    Native Americans are THE MOST documented race of people in the United States. Every single REAL native american can tell you that, because each and every single one of us (even my kids who on paper are only 3/16ths native and 1/2 black) have a BIA # AND a tribal enrollment #. As do each and every single one of my native american ancestors going back 150 years.

    If ALL of your grandparents are 1/2, both of your parents would be 1/2, and so would YOU. Which tribe are you enrolled in? EXACTLY.

    My kids are black. From Africa even. Mandinka to be specific. Their father's mother is Mandinka, their fathers' father in Mondingo.

    They are also Native American, and enrolled in my tribe.

    What pisses me off, is that my family has had to LITERALLY FIGHT TO THE DEATH to maintain our tribal identity. Could my ancestors have been cowards and not stuck with the tribe during the most oppressive times in history? Sure. But they didn't. Your family sounds like its made up of a bunch of cowards, if being indian is "sooo hard". My grandfather was taken from his parents when he was 3 to a government institution designed to assimilate Native Americans into mainstream culture. He was beaten there, raped, brainwashed and utterly broken. NOBODY escaped these hell holes around here, even the Lowry kids, who were only 1/16th Suquamish, and 3/4 black. So no, YOUR FAMILY HAS NOT EARNED THIS IDENTITY. My family has witnessed first hand what it means to really be indian. It means being oppressed. It means you have a ton of folks in your family who watched their parents, cousins, neighbors, etc all be killed because they would not give up their tribal idenity and assimilate. It means risking being imprisoned so that your children learn the ancestral ways of conducting a ceremony. It means staying up until 4 A.M. the night before a big day at work to help with a give-away. It means knowing who people like Geronimo, Tecumseh, Kitsap, Leschi, Crazy Horse and all the ancestors who laid down their lives so that our ways of life wouldn't be lost are...and respecting their legacy and devoting your live to make sure their sacrifices weren't in vain. Being indian isn't a f*cking CHOICE, like you seem to make it out to be.

    IF you are "sooooo indian", it wouldn't be difficult to prove it. Show me ONE piece of evidence, and I will believe you. Do you speak your language? Are you enrolled in your tribe? What about you, other than your family desire to believe it, is really indian? Let me guess...your cheek bones and hair? lol....My kids "look" as African as they come. They older they get anyways...yet they are Indian to the BONE. It isn't just about ancestry (though thats a part of it)...its about who you are to your tribe. If you are nothing to your tribe, they sure as hell are nothing to you.

    And NO, family stories of high cheekbones and long hair don't count. I was making fun of the most common "proofs" i see from non-natives. As for your grandpa, I have my own horror stories about what it means to be indian. Doesn't mean I turn my back on my people. Only a weak coward would do that. Tribes have always weeded out the weak and worthless. Don't like it? Tough. Thats just part of what it means to be indian. Sorry if it doesn't fit your stereotype.

    P.S. more proof that you are NOT indian? THERE ARE NO FRIGGIN BENEFITS YOU IDIOT. This has nothing to do with you being "mixed". This has to do with non-natives constantly trying to claim an identity they DO NOT have...and its all we have left, so forgive us for being so god damned fierce about it. And I am SICK of people like you trying to redefine who is and isn't an indian FOR us. How arrogant can you get?

    Edit: You totally miss the point. Even IF you have native dna, thats just ANCESTRY. Which, I highly doubt is in you to begin with. And I am SICK of people all the sudden dragging these -possible- grandmothers out of the closet now that its safe to be an indian again. Where were ya'll when it wasn't? Exactly.

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    Saying racism is lifeless is seen denial. I've been to Europe and observed hate among one-of-a-kind white humans. Walk a mile in our moccasins. Defining it, rationalizing it, and pushing aside it will possibly quite simply make it disappear however it is nonetheless right here. People DO hate us and others with out provocation. We were not all "killed" like has been stated and mostly we're hated greater than different minorities relying on wherein we are living. The humans posting on right here have validated that. We're a minority amongst such a lot different minorities and we are mostly seemed down on via the others additionally. Not all white humans hate us, as that is no longer the factor. What is the cause for many who do hate and even dislike us is the truly query. In a phrase greed and upbringing performs a most important position.

  • Eat some smallpox and shove it. Quit riding the Indians and redskins just because you can't get off peyote and alcohol and make money. I agree with your question.

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    Before you can ask others to love your heritage. You must love it. Why do you love it? Because it is a part of you.

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    Watch out for that annoying "Native American" girl that answers every question about Native Americans and has an avatar of herself and she doesn't even look Native American . She accuses everyone else of not being Native American, yet she does NOT look like she is AT ALL.

    Source(s): My great grandmother IS Native American and if BITCHES don't want to believe me then FUCK THEM!!
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