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All about invisalign?

Hey! So I've had invisalign for almost 2 weeks now. I have some questions about them.btw, I'm on christmas break but I start back in school next week! So I have some questions about dealing with Invisalign at school!

1. What are some ways to clean invisalign? so far, I've been brushing my teeth really well after every meal and every time I wake up/go to bed. I also brush out my invisalign with a toothbrush and water. I use denture cleaner on them about 1-2 times a week and brush them with toothpaste about 1-2 times a week. I've heard not to use denture cleaner or toothpaste on them though....

2. How should I deal with them at school? I bought mini floss sticks and colgate wisps and I was just gonna go in a bathroom stall and brush/floss and then wipe out my invisalign with a paper towel to get the saliva out(I know, its gross!) Do y'all have any other ideas?

3. Can I use breath strips with invisalign in?

4. What about the lisp? I have it, it has gotten better over the 2 weeks, but im still kinda worried about it!

5. Any other tips you have please let me know!!

Oh and I have 23 trays to do! Just in case that helped y'all answer the questions or anything..

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    1. Use denture cleaner tablets to clean your trays. In a small bowl, fill with warm tap water, put in trays, and drop in a tablet. Soak 15-30 minutes then rinse well. Do this once a day. This is safer and better than trying to brush them. It also eliminates a potential nasty taste that the trays sometimes get.

    2. At school, pop into the restroom on the way to the cafeteria. Remove your trays, rinse with water, and put in your case. After lunch, brush your teeth, rinse the trays and reinsert. You don't need to floss, just a quick brush to get the food off your teeth. The key to removing the saliva from the trays is to rinse immediately after removing. And it is more polite to do that in the restroom, not the cafeteria. Don't try to hide in a stall. Other kids have braces and brush too.

    3. You can use sugar-free things.

    4. You notice the lisp more than other people. And it goes away quickly. Don't worry about it.

    5. Most important thing is to follow the rules to the letter. You MUST wear the trays 22 hours a day, no excuses. You MUST brush after every meal and snack. You MUST avoid sugary beverages. You MUST keep the trays clean. If you hear complaints that they didn't work or were gross, it is because they didn't follow the rules. And remember that you MUST wear the last tray as a retainer at night, possibly for the rest of your life.

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    friends of my who've had invisalign were no longer as responsible with it because it comes off, so their tooth went again to being crooked. My tooth are nevertheless immediately after having my metallic braces off for 3 years.

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    1.) soak them in mouth wash while you brush your teeth.

    2.)nothing will happen if you go 8 hours without brushing your teeth. just do it when you get home.

    3.)im pretty sure...yes

    4.)wait and see. if its because of your jaw alignment...you might have to see an orthodontist. I hate invisilign because I want to own an ortho business when I grow up and im afraid those stupid things will take over. but they cant fix jaw alignment. only teeth.

    5.)orthodontics are way more reliable. you never know...invisalign could even screw up your mouth...

    -Cody Simpson

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