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How to get rid of hissing radiator noise (one pipe steam system)?

I have a one pipe steam radiator in my bedroom. I live in a pre-war building. I would say I'm getting woken up about 4 times a night during each heating cycle. Basically the hissing lasts for a good 10 minutes and it is loud. No way that most people could sleep through it. The hissing seems to be only coming out of the air valve (cylinder type object attached to the side of the radiator).

Who knows when the air valve was last changed. Do you think changing it would do the trick to make everything more quiet? Does the furnace need to be turned off for me to do that or can I do it when my radiator cools down?

I'd really like to get sleep. I have had steam heating before but never heard hissing like this.

The super would take his sweet time to get this done and I want to take action, so I can actually sleep without being woken up. The air valves seem cheap enough. Although I'm a bit worried because the existing air valve seems really tight.

But I wonder if there are other issues out of my control that I'm not aware of. Any help on this topic would be helpful. Thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Old equipment is the hardest thing to replace parts on most are not even made for it.

    It could be the air in the system just needs to be bleed out without seeing it hard to tell you a step by step Most really old radiators make noise when they heat up its hot steam cold metal air being forced into the unit I f your a renter depending on your housing laws in your state could speed up the process

    In my state Heating cooking and refrigeration landlords have 3 days to fix. everything else 10days.

    after that I can hire the professional and take it out of rent.

    If its really that old you may be stuck with it If you don't know what your doing don't mess with it your talking about steam under pressure it could melt your skin off your face if you got blasted If you don't know anything and you mess with it and break the system more you may wind up having to fix it professionally yourself and pay for it. or get sued by the landlord.

    Most Buildings built in a time frame are not required to be up to current codes because when it was originally built was up to code then. And yes you have to shut down the boiler to fix it. Otherwise you may wind up getting burned literally

    hope that helps


    Source(s): worked in an old steam heated building maintaining the system
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  • florey
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    4 years ago

    If there is fairly steam popping out of one of the pipes, you may touch a professional right this moment. If there's a cracked pipe that is totally probably to blow up interior the close to destiny which could injure somebody very heavily-- Even FATALLY!

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