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Spring MegaCenter DPS, driver's test?

Texas has a new DPS in Houston/Spring called the Mega Center.

I was wondering what the driver's license test was like? If it was difficult? Some tips to keep in mind? If the people were nice? What are some things I should practice even more on prior to the test?.. etc.

Thank you for any information!!:)

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    The DPS testing centers in all states are the same, they are there to make sure that you understand the rules of the roads as well as knowing how to drive a 4-ton vehicle..

    1. The driving test procedure will be in your drivers handbook as well as on your states website.

    2. Its as difficult as you make it, meaning if you haven't read and understood your handbook it will be a nightmare.

    3. You will find all tips again in your drivers handbook.

    4. Yes the testing people are nice and the reason that they get a bad reputation is because young people fail and they always blame the instructors!!

    5. Reread your drivers handbook several times and that way you wont fail.

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    Dps Spring Tx

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