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I need to figure out which books of Michael morpugo I haven't read.?

I need help! What books of Michael morpugo haven't I read, these are the ones I have::


The butterfly lion

The wild

The twist of gold

Private peaceful

Born to run

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    It Never Rained: Five Stories (1974)

    Living Poets (compiler with Clifford Simmons) (1974)

    Long Way Home (1975)

    Thatcher Jones (1975)

    The Story-Teller (compiler with Graham Barrett) (1976)

    Friend or Foe (1977)

    Do All You Dare (1978)

    What Shall We Do with It? (1978)

    All Around the Year (with Ted Hughes) (1979)

    Love at First Sight (1979)

    IwowThat's How (1979)

    The Day I Took the Bull By the Horn (1979)

    The Ghost-Fish (1979)

    The Marble Crusher and Other Stories (1980)

    The Nine Lives of Montezuma (1980)

    Miss Wirtle's Revenge (1981)

    The White Horse of Zennor: And Other Stories from below the Eagle's Nest (1982)

    War Horse (1982)

    Twist of Gold (1983)

    Little Foxes (1984)

    Why the Whales Came (1985)

    Words of Songs (libretto, music by Phyllis Tate) (1985)

    Tom's Sausage Lion (1986)

    Conker (1987)

    Jo-Jo, the Melon Monkey (1987)

    King of the Cloud Forests (1988)

    Mossop's Last Chance (with Shoo Rayner) (1988)

    My Friend Walter (1988)

    Albertine, Goose Queen (with Shoo Rayner) (1989)

    Mr. Nobody's Eyes (1989)

    Jigger's Day Off (with Shoo Rayner) (1990)

    Waiting for Anya (1990)

    And Pigs Might Fly! (with Shoo Rayner) (1991)

    Colly's Barn (1991)

    The Sandman and the Turtles (1991)

    Martians at Mudpuddle Farm (with Shoo Rayner) (1992)

    The King in the Forest (1993)

    The War of Jenkins' Ear (1993)

    Arthur, High King of Britain (1994)

    Snakes and Ladders (1994)

    The Dancing Bear (1994)

    Blodin the Beast (1995)

    Mum's the Word (with Shoo Rayner) (1995)

    Stories from Mudpuddle Farm (with Shoo Rayner) (1995)

    The Wreck of the Zanzibar (1995)

    Robin of Sherwood (1996)

    Sam's Duck (1996)

    The Butterfly Lion (1996)

    The Ghost of Grania O'Malley (1996)

    Farm Boy (1997)

    Cockadoodle-doo, Mr Sultana! (1998)

    Escape from Shangri-La (1998)

    Joan of Arc (1998)

    Red Eyes at Night (1998)

    Wartman (1998)

    Kensuke's Kingdom (1999)

    The Rainbow Bear (1999)

    Wombat Goes Walkabout (1999)

    Billy the Kid (2000)

    Black Queen (2000)

    Dear Olly (2000)

    From Hereabout Hill (2000)

    The Silver Swan (2000)

    Who's a Big Bully Then? (2000)

    More Muck and Magic (2001)

    Out of the Ashes (2001)

    Toro! Toro! (2001)

    Cool! (2002)

    Mr. Skip (2002)

    The Last Wolf (2002)

    The Sleeping Sword (2002)

    Gentle Giant (2003)

    Private Peaceful (2003)

    Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (2004)

    Dolphin Boy (2004)

    I Believe in Unicorns (2005)

    The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips (2005)

    War: Stories of Conflict (compiler) (2005)[17]

    Albatross (2006)

    It's a Dog's Life (2006)

    Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea (2006)

    Beowulf (2006), illustrated by Michael Foreman

    Born to Run (2007)

    The Mozart Question (2007)

    Hansel and Gretel (2008)

    This Morning I Met a Whale (2008)

    Kaspar: Prince of Cats (2008)

    The Voices of Children (2008) (play)

    The Birthday Book (editor, with Quentin Blake) (2008)

    Running Wild (2009)[18]

    The Kites Are Flying! (2009)[19]

    An Elephant in the Garden (2010)

    Not Bad for a Bad Lad (2010)[20]

    Little Manfred (2011)[22]

    The Pied Piper of Hamelin (2011)[23]

    Sparrow: The True Story of Joan of Arc (2012)[24]

    Outlaw: The Story of Robin Hood (2012)[25]

    Homecoming (2012)[26]

    Wherever My Wellies Take Me (with Clare Morpurgo) (2012)[27]

    A Medal For Leroy (2012)[28]

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