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parakeet or beta fish?

i'm considering getting a new pet. i already have a dog and two cats, but the dog is strictly outside and the cats stay downstairs. i'm 17 and a junior in high school so i'll be going to college in a couple of years. my grandmother had 2 parakeets when i was little, and i loved them. i've always wanted a pet fish, and i got a tank and everything but i never actually purchased the fish, lol. i've researched both pets and i still can't decide which one i want. i was thinking about maybe both? or would that be too much? help me decide? :)


i also have a part time job so i have money to support either of them myself

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    It might be easier to take the fish with you when you move to college. Even some dorms wouldn't say anything about a beta fish in a small bowl. Betas are cheap to keep, too, very beatiful, quiet, and some live for a number of years. He wouldn't exactly be personable, however, and you would have to clean out his bowl occasionally.

    The parakeet ccould potentially live quite a long time, and they come in many beautiful colors. He would potentially (if you get a friendly one) be more company to you and might even learn to say a few words. He'd be a little more maintenance (cleaning up his seeds and poop), but you might be rewarded by his company and many of them learn to ride around on your shoulder. However, he propably would NOT be welcome in a dorm or anywhere quiet study was required. Some parakeets get rather noisy.

    It all depends on the environment you want, and how much time you'll have for upkeep.

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    Get them both! It's not too hard at all. Cleaning the cages might be a hassle but that's really all you have to do with the fish besides feeding. But if you really only want one, get the parakeet. The parakeet will be a lot more interactive and fun to have, and what about a cockatiel? A lot like parakeets except a bit bigger and they can learn to say simple words and whistle. I think parakeets can as well but not as good as cockatiels :P


    Ohh, didnt think about the going to college part. Scratch my answer and go with the first.. ;)

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  • evert
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    Fish water isn't the healthiest water on your budgie to drink, and chook droppings are no longer the healthiest element on your betta's water. the two animal could desire to risk an infection from the bacteria that could develop as a consequence of the droppings. i may well be the two worried regarding the possiblity of the budgie drowing. If there is sufficient of an establishing on the precise of the tank for the budgie to drink from, and deposit his droppings into, then there is sufficient room for him to get into the tank and drown.

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  • 7 years ago

    If you get a betta you will be able to keep it in a small tank, as they only need about 2 gallons. plus bettas are colorful and you can get cool rocks for the tank.

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