wht occupation suits me o.o ?

well,i am now 16girl from malaysia and i didnt actually sure abt wht occupation i should go after .i am kinda intrested in skin care and fashion but many ppl say it doesnt have alot of chance in that field especially in my country .these days i am also intrested in medical .but i just duno wht road should i go ( pls help me )T-T.i am the type of girl who is not patient type .i very easily be easily lazy if doing something that i dun like so yea a right job plays a very important rule .i am not hungry for money .i just want a job which can provide me a comfortable life ( and also suffiecient sleep ==ZZZZZZZZZZZ) since i am not from rich country .oh yea ,i also hate to sit in the office for whole long .my butt hurts loolz.anyway ,thank you for the answer :)


sorry ,too much spelling mistake ==ZZZZZZZZ

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