Why Cant Guys Wear Girl Skinny Jeans?

I came across a question about a guy asking for help with girl skinny jeans on this site, and I noticed that 1 or 2 people actually made fun of him for it. I'm extremely confused and I wanted to ask this question and hopefully get a --->LOGICAL <---answer

Why is it so frowned upon for a guy to wear girl jeans? They are honestly so much more comfortable then guy jeans, and they look so much better on me in my opinion. I'm tall, and I have a nice athletic build. So its not like im really fat or really skinny. I honestly just find girl skinny jeans to be all around better. But that's just my opinion. Why do so many people dislike it?

People always say that "Skinny jeans are bad for a guy because they crush his man areas." I buy them extra long, so I always have room for my junk. It never gets crushed, it never bulges out, and it never shows.

Or people say "Its decreases the amount of sperm a guy has." Which is honestly the biggest pile of crap ever. Most jeans today are made with some sort of stretchy material allowing them to fit right and comfortably.

They also say "it cuts off circulation to your legs". Is that why millions of females a day don't just fall to the ground randomly due to blood loss to the legs?

And the last, and most ignorant reason people have to say is that "Only gay people wear jeans like that"

Lets use girls for example. They wear guy clothing all the time. Shirts, shoes, pants, and even underwear? Yet they don't get called gay for doing that. Yet when a guy just wants to wear girl jeans every now and then, its gay? lol, I really don't get it.

Can somebody please explain to me? With a Mature--->LOGICAL <--- answer please? Thanks a bunch :)

-PS im 17 years old, not gay, and kinda tall.


Jay, its obvious you lack the slightest bit of intelligence. Your beligerant feedback is not needed and useless.

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  • Danni
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    7 years ago
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    Actually in the UK you can wear whatever you like.

  • 7 years ago

    I don't think its wrong or gay for a guy to wear girls skinny jeans if he likes them. Honestly I think it is so ridiculously stupid how we separate clothes between genders. Like why can't we just have CLOTHES. No 'Men' clothes or 'Women' clothes. That will probably never happen though unfortunately.

    But I do disagree with you on some things. In my opinion guys jeans are MUCH more comfortable then girls jeans. I am ftm transgender so for about 4 years I was under the impression I had to wear girls clothes since to everybody else in the world I was a girl. And whenever I would wear them I would just complain and felt so awful. For one they are so tight its annoying as hell. And they would always fall down in the back no matter how ******* tight they were. And they have absolutely no pocket space. I had to put my phone in my back pocket and could barely fit money in the front pockets. But when I wear guys skinny jeans there is absolutely no problems with that. Also girls skinny jeans are made from a legging material so it clings to you when guys jeans are not so they are more roomy.

    Another thing you said is, 'Lets use girls for example. They wear guy clothing all the time. Shirts, shoes, pants, and even underwear? Yet they don't get called gay for doing that.'

    Well to my family and almost everyone in the world I am a girl because they do not know I am transgender. And I wear guys clothes because thats what I am comfortable in right? You don't know how many times a day I get called a lesbian, dyke, butch, etc. I think that stereotype of one sex wearing the opposite sex clothes is gay goes for both sexes. My own family calls me a lesbian sometimes. And whenever my parents see a girl with short hair or who wears guys clothes they automatically say 'i bet shes a lesbo'. Its horrible but thats just the stereotype. Just thought I would sow you my point of view on this :)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Because girls' jeans are made for GIRLS, therefore are usually smaller and less likely to fit well.

    However, if you CAN find a pair that fits, go for it. I think the reason people protest to begin with has nothing to do with the reason I stated, but more to do with the terrifying idea of a man trying to break the gender barrier and, of all things, not give a crap what others say about him.

  • 7 years ago

    You won't get a LOGICAL answer to this question, because gender apartheid in clothing is not based on anything resembling logic in the first place. It's just an artificial double standard, intended to keep people in their place.

    If you think you can pull off the look, then go for it -- and people will be so struck by your stylish appearance that they will forget to say "But those are girls' jeans". Fortunam adjuvat avdaces, and all that.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    After reading the answer to your question you can tell how much some of them know about girls/women jeans not all have small pockets in front and not all fit tight just look around and see what other women are wearing.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You can get guys skinny jeans, I love them. If you are tall they just look awesome, Especially with Converse or Vans I refuse to wear baggy jeans anymore.

    They are just bigger on top to er make more room for your manhood so to speak. But are the same style and cut down the legs. I have never tried girls ones, as well I doubt they would have a size to fit someone who is 6'4" ! If you want to wear girl one wear girls ones.

    Okay so I am gay but I have seen loads of straight guys wear them, if you are tall they look awesome!! And well since I am obsessed with pop punk it goes well with the rest of my clothes.

  • 7 years ago

    The only reason i thought guys couldn't wear them is because, like you've said, they might be uncomfortable. But if they aren't i don't see the difference. Besides smaller pockets they're basically the same as guys skinny jeans, shopping in woman's sizes could be confusing though.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I wear girls skinny jeans but girls ones are just more comfterable...I only wear them because they look better. I used to as a kid though.

  • 7 years ago

    Because, while the legs are narrow, the rear end is vastly baggy, a laugh to look at and ungainly to wear.

  • 5 years ago

    lol.. cuz girls are prettier n naturally much more charming than guys, so threy cn wear any damn thing or nothing at all and still look breath taking lol :D

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