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M: God, this adoption stuff is so overwhelming. There’s inter-country adoption dependency adoption. There’s so many ways to go, and this is like, the biggest decision of our lives.

C: There’s a hair in my coffee.

P: Hey, guys. Have you seen Frank Jr.? He’s meeting me here with the triplets.

C: It’s funny, every time you say “triplets”…I think of three hot blond 19-year-olds.

M: That’s sweet. Drink your hair.

P: Hey, what’s all this stuff?

M: They’re brochures from different adoption agencies.

P: Babies! Oh, this one is so cute. Get this one.

M: That’s not really how it works.

P: Oh, how does it work?

M: I don’t know!

P: If you’re having a hard time, you should talk to my friends…Bill and Colleen. They adopted a kid. I ‘m sure they’d help you.

M: Thanks, that’ll be great. Hey honey, wouldn’t it be great?

F: All right, all right. Remember what we talk about. When we‘re in public place, there are certain rules. That’s not what we talked about!

P: Hi, Frank. Hi, good to see you.

F: Hi, good to see you, too.

M: Hi, frank.


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    The 10th season Episode 2:

    The One Where Ross Is Fine


    大約是從該集的 4 分 08 秒開始

    一直到大概是 5 分 24 秒左右

    (是用正版 DVD 判斷的)


    就是 Chandler 和 Monica 在研究如何領養小孩

    Phoebe 在旁邊敲邊鼓

    然後 Phoebe 同父異母的弟弟 Frank

    帶著 Phoebe 當代理孕母所生的三胞胎進來

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