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Is North Korea simply the inevitable result of what happens when a country turns completely atheist?

North Korea is by far probably the worst dictatorship on the planet. Their citizens are treated worse than poor people's pets in China.

North Korea is also coincidentally completely atheist. If you watch any North Korean documentary, you can clearly observe how they all don't believe in God, and they certainly don't worship any deities.

North Korea is completely atheist. FACT.

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    North Korea is a dictatorship. Simple as that.

  • North Korea is only completely atheist because other religions are banned in the country for fear they might 'corrupt minds and show people a different way of thinking and start a revolution against them'. The entire population isn't atheist, although they probably won't state it publicly, since they have no way of telling the rest of the world, and two that they would be executed if they announced their faith. By the way, in the mid 1900s it was filled with so many christians it was nicknamed 'the Jerusalem of the West'. North Korea is just an instance of what happens when you get a crazy guy in power.

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    Okay North Korea is Atheist, except there is obvious worship of their political leaders. I'm Agnostic and definitely not Atheist, but I think you fear that the natural consequence of people not believing in God is North Korean style government. Do you really think that? My opinion is that the State needs to stay out of religion, except in one area, if your church preaches about government related issues then your church needs to loose its tax exempt status.

    As far as necessarily being a bad place to live, lots of "Christian States" were no fun (and not very safe) to live in. Right now, lots of Middle Eastern Countries are theocracies, not necessarily the God you like, but still very much NOT Atheist, I see the Taliban Government in Afghanistan equally distressful as the North Korean Government, don't you?


    Mooproxy Hey did you catch that mass Atheist execution last night? Of course Fox was all for it. CNN had quite the commentary, and was wishy washy but MSNBC was livid! But no one actually watch MSNBC so the point was moot.

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    Your opinion on how things look on a documentary is not conclusive have no way of knowing how many people in North Korea are actually atheists......

    Repression of all kinds has existed throughout history, yet religion has survived, although Im not sure why and I personally have no problem with people being atheist.....I just dislike logical fallacies.....and claiming that you can tell, in the absence of proof, that all North Koreans are atheists IS a logical fallacy.

    FACT. Just because YOU think it is, doesnt necessarily make it so.

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  • The Low Countries in Northern Europe are mostly atheist and have a better standard of living than the United States, FACT!

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    I think inside the unsaved (ie. many atheists) is a desire to be punished, hurt, abused,

    especially if they've been indoctrinated this way, that this is normal, that they

    don't deserve anything else.

    It's a vicious circle isn't it. They are treated like dirt, then refuse to believe in God,

    then the dirt piles up.

    If people don't believe in God, or want God, then they can't know about the

    protection that God and the Holy Spirit give. If there's a praying family in

    the neighbourhood, the whole neighbourhood will be blessed and protected,

    and evil kept away. The majority may be unbelieving but they will ALSO

    receive the blessings.

    So it doesn't take many people believing for the entire country to be

    protected and blessed.

    But when it gets far too low, like N. Korea, then it's like the Ozone layer,

    it's too thin, not enough interest, the Holy Spirit draws off, all the Godhead

    draw off, and they are left in total darkness.

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    Only religious nut job believes atheism has anything to do with authoritarian governments.

    Ie, people like you.

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    Please cite your reference for your "FACT."

    I have been looking around a bit and found that there are a number of religions represented in North Korea including Buddhism, their own brand of shamanism and Christianity.

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    That country officially believes it's leaders rose from a lake as a god, or something along those lines

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    No, but it's pretty much the result of what happens when a dictator doesn't allow for dissension....hey, that sort of describes the idolatrous relationship you push for you religion, doesn't it?

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    North Korea is a theocracy, with the leader as the deity.

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