Why does he act this way?

Me & my boyfriend of 3 months recently got back together because he begged for a second chance after making a hurtful joke. I thought that would be a sign that he changed his behavior but not even 3 days back together he acts the same way. The problem with him is he never acts like a boyfriend. I know he is capable of being romantic & all because he was a sweetheart when we first started dating, but he just doesn't try anymore or seem to want to. Now he's always making jokes that are NOT funny. He's always calling me dumb or ugly or joking about getting with other girls. We broke up because he made a joke saying "I'm only with you so I can get with your friend" How is that even considered a joke? I mean, I know he's joking but he does it too often & acts like I'm a guy friend not his girlfriend. He told me this was his longest relationship & that he loves me. He's 18 & I'm 16 I would think he was more serious about relationships than me. I don't understand, he acts like he doesn't want to be together but he practically begged for me back when we broke up. Why does he act this way?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Don't take it the wrong way. Just go with his "jokes". I'm not saying he's right or anything, but there's a possibility that he sees you as many other things besides just a girlfriend. He practically trusts you enough to express things he would only say to a guy because he considers you as a girlfriend and the ideal friend he would have. My boyfriend used to do the same in a way. But I never took it seriously. Instead, I went with it by getting him back in a joking way and most of the time, he ended up getting jealous. Why, because I made his jokes look like a real joke, you know?

    My advice is to simply go with it, and to avoid taking it seriously. This gives you a chance to just have fun with it instead of getting annoyed by it. Later on, he might not even keep trying, because he knows you won't even mad for it. If he really wanted you back, it's probably because he does care for you. He just has a different sense of humor.

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