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What Facebook page should I create?

I'm looking for a Facebook page to create that people will enjoy but I want it to be an original idea like there's so many pages of like lol pics but its hard to get likes because there's so many pages that have the same thing and content just different admins so I'm asking does anybody have any Facebook page ideas and have content to go along with it that's not over used? Anyone won't to be an admin with me on this page?

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    From what I see, number of likes isn't really all about the page content.You can still make a page that shares funny pictures and comics, but get a high number of likes just because the way you advertise your page.For example, you firstly invite your friends and ask them to invite their's, then once you get some good followers, you can simply ask the members directly through the page to share your own friends.Also, having multiple admins on the page enables each admin to send a direct notification to all of his friends to ask them to join the page.

    You can also pay some money to advertise your page and promote some of the posts you post on facebook.

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