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why does marvel allow hollywood to portray Thor as a punk? when he is more porwerful than any superhero?

marvel's database describes Thor as he is, A God like being with powers and strength that no superhero can match, YET, in hollywood he seems to be very vulnerable and less strong than Hulk. has anyone outhere pointed this out to Marvel and Hollywood?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I'm with David.

    I think Thor was portrayed fairly accurate for the comic version. However, the Norse mythology version got slapped upside the head. But that's in general.

    Personally, it's boring if characters have no weakness. And I don't necessarily think Hulk is stronger. I kind of think Loki is the one who got played as a punk. :C

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    he can't die but his not stronger then the first cartoon they need the help of hulk to kill this dude...

    thor is just immortal but he can be hit around...

    I haavent read any of the comic books because im not a fan of marvel...its corny in comparasion to marvel...but marvel has magic which is gay as well...

    I say stick to all those small authors that aren't afiliated to any black,Vandeta(creator of the joker),dawn of a new day...ect I can't remember many of them its been long...but ya

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