Where can I find a Russian internet groom?

I hear so much about men finding Russian and Asian brides online. Are there any places where a girl can go to find a Russian or Asian groom? American men are not interested in a young looking, young acting, pretty, petite, successfully employed female. Oh, they're interested, but only in one thing, and not in a commitment. So, where is a girl to go to find a man who will appreciate all that she brings to a relationship, and desire marriage?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I don't know, but when you find out, please send me the information. I'd like a nice man who appreciates a good American woman, too.

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  • 3 years ago

    Insist on a Skype video chat. it somewhat is the least confusing and quickest thank you to appreciate if somebody is actual or no longer. that could desire to have been completed months in the past, no longer 4 months later. If she refuses to have a video chat with you interior the subsequent 3 days then you somewhat are conscious of it fairly is a scam. A scammer will arise with all kinds of excuses like a broken webcam. a actual female might desire to Skype no longer basically to coach she became actual yet additionally to be certain you're actual. If her cam is broken she can use an internet cafe, chum's computer, each man or woman's clever telephone, and so on tell her she has 3 days to do a video chat with you or you may now no longer communicate. If she is actual and does such as you, she can Skype. If she can no longer then you somewhat are conscious of it fairly is a scam.

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