Noel and Liam Gallagher?

I love Oasis but I could never see the difference between the brothers Noel and Liam. I mean, who is the lead vocalist? Noel or Liam? Or do both of them sing in Oasis? If they do, they sound really alike because I just can't tell whose voice is whose. My father has been listening to Oasis ever since they formed but he has the same problem :D please help

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    8 years ago
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    If you imagine Noel as every brain-thought that helped make Obama president again, and Liam as every brain-fart that helped make the Republicans election losers again, you get some idea of how important Noel's eyebrows were to Oasis compared with Liam's...

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    They both do sing, but usually Liam sings. Noel's voice is deeper and a lot less nasal, whereas Liam over-enunciates things (like in the song Cigarettes and Alcohol, "sheeeee-iiiiiiineee"). They're both great vocalists in different ways!

    Some songs that Noel sings are, "Mucky Fingers", "The Importance of Being Idle", and "Don't Look Back In Anger".

    A really good frame of reference is to listen to the song, "Let There Be Love", off of Don't Believe The Truth. Liam sings the first verse, where it goes, "who kicked a hole in the sky", and the second verse, starting with, "come on baby blue" is sung by Noel. At first I couldn't tell them apart either, but it just took a lot more listening and concentrating. Oh, and my friend quizzed me on it every day!

    Other than that, Noel plays guitar whereas Liam plays tambourine, but usually just sings. Noel writes most of the songs (up until I think, Heathen Chemistry, no one but Noel had written an Oasis song? I might be off by a bit on that though, don't quote me), but Liam does write some, along with Andy and Gem. Most of the songs Liam has written are pretty infamously bad, like, "Guess God Thinks I'm Abel", and "Little James", but he's written some good ones like, "Songbird" too.

    Noel is typically seen to be the wiser one and the better musician, but everybody likes Liam because he's a loveable nutcase and he has absolutely no shame. Oh, and he makes some good shirts. Pretty Green is disgustingly expensive, but their shirts are pretty good quality.

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    8 years ago

    Noel didnt usually sing. He did in Don't Look Back In Anger. But he wrote the majority of Oasis' songs. Liam is the one who sung most of the time.

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