do we need the Internal Revenue Service?

Do we need the IRS and if so how did we get along without them before


How did we get along without the IRS before and why cant we do it now? Why has the IRS gone on so long without legal ramifications when what they do is illegal?

Update 2:

I see from some of the answers Im not making myself clear. I am talking about INCOME TAX ;that is illegal to take.And why people are going to jail for not paying taxes when there is no law that we have to pay (remember we are talking income tax)The 16th amendment still does not say we have to pay income tax. We are taxed for everything... fuel tax which is suppose to pay for roads and bridges, sales tax when we buy goods we pay taxes on electric,cable,phone, computers however the original amount of the product or service pays for the service or item then all this is taxed which goes to the govt whether its local state or federal, these taxes run the country our Income taxes are not used for that. look at these two web sites. there are more just something to think about then maybe someone can answer :: Where Do Your Taxes Go?



I still wonder why we all dont take a stand

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  • Simon
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    8 years ago
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    Right on!!!...and while we return to the days without the IRS, let's forget about electricity, cars, planes, TV, computers, phones, the internet, antiboitics, etc.

    Times change and so do the needs of a more complex society.

    And there were taxes, just not on individuals. "For most of our nation's history, individual taxpayers rarely had any significant contact with Federal tax authorities as most of the Federal government's tax revenues were derived from excise taxes, tariffs, and customs duties." (Quoted from source)

    And don't forget that in earlier times, most people struggled daily just to make ends meet...there was little time for recreation and pleasure except for the elite -- the top 1% -- and that ain't you and me!.

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  • 8 years ago

    Excuse me, how is it illegal to collect taxes which are needed to run this government and keep this country afloat?

    What, exactly, is illegal about that?

    Source(s): Common sense
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