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Should the Mets trade a bunch of top prospects for Giancarlo Stanton?

I think the Mets should bring the fences at Citi Field in 25 feet from end to end and turn the ballpark into a hitters haven.

Then take some of their top pitching prospects like Zach Wheeler and Matt Harvey and offer them in a deal for Giancarlo Stanton.

Now this will set the Mets pitching back but look at their lineup for the future -

Wright, Davis, Stanton, D'Arnaud....those boys will mash, especially if the Mets bring in the fences like I've suggested and turn Citi Field into the biggest hitters park in the league. Even if they deal Wheeler and Harvey they'll still have Niese and some upcoming prospects. Plus it's actually easier to find decent pitchers via free agency than legit power bats.

For once I'd like to see the Mets turn into a slugging ballclub. Even if they lose at least the games will be fun to watch and the barrage of homers will most likely bring a large crowd to the stadium every night. Fans love dingers.

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    As much as the Mets need an outfielder with pop, getting Stanton away from Miami will be tough.

    I'm sure the asking price would be at least 4 top-prospects, which pretty much blows a big hole in the Mets rebuilding plans.

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    hi Scooter. i've got spoke back this question some cases this night, yet because of the fact its you i will do it back.... i'm getting good at it. It replaced right into a pretty intelligent flow to instruct the deal down. Riccardi is the single painted right into a corner and has to sell off expertise for possibilities... so do not take his first grant, make him might desire to take much less because of the fact he's the desperate one. The Mets do not in all probability have a deep farm gadget besides. The Mets have a super form of injuries and can't locate the money for to lose despite prsopects they have now to savage despite they might form the season. The Mets have been taken interior the Madoff scandal and are not destitute yet are not in remarkable financial status. The Mets are gonna might desire to locate themselves some unfastened brokers to plug some holes they have with transforming into older gamers like Delgado. The Mets have now set the cost for Halladay under 4 possibilities... Halladay is going for specific... those weren't remarkable possibilities. Riccardi is an entire fool... on the actual. i'm surprisingly specific teh crimson Sox have made an grant over the weekend... it replaced into prolly low ball and Riccardi did not like it... and you will determine that he has talked to the Phillies who additionally low balled him before figuring out on making this grant to the Mets... it seems every physique have been given mutually and replaced into on the comparable web site... 4 possibilities for a 32 twelve months previous pitcher with one and a a million/2 years on his settlement which will truthfully be offered by utilising the Yankees in 2011 is in basic terms too lots.

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    1) Moving the fences in would great the same advantage for visiting teams

    2) By trading Wheeler and Harvey, you would be strengthening one of your rivals and tearing down your own farm system.

    3) Niese is average at best, and other than Noah Syndergaard, the Mets don't have any pitching prospects who would project as frontline starters.

    4) Quality Pitching wins ballgames.

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    The Mets do not have the prospects it would take to get Stanton. They would have to probably send Davis and D'Arnaud in addition to the pitchers, plus more.

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    The last place the Marlins want him is in NY, they will have to move him to another team, and then that team could make a trade with the Mets. They actually have talked to Miami about him on more than one occasion.

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    No. Bad idea:

    - Movinig the fences in also creates a hitting advantage for visiting teams.

    - Weak Met pitching will work vs. them at home and on the road.

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    The marlins ARE NOT going to trade him.. Teams have already tried...

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    pitching wins games

  • 7 years ago

    i rather stay with the prospects

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