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what are the top ten successful government programs ?


LMAO poor Libs cant even look it up in the dictionary. I love it when you corner them and they cant answer a question

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    Military when the politicians keep out of it.

    FBI until Freeh

    Border Patrol do there jobs but Judges let the illegals go free.


    FHA investigators

    Air traffic controllers

    Secret Service (having a hard time with ten)


    Domestic help at the White House

    The main stream Propaganda Media for the leftest. What it isn't a government agency? You could have fooled me.

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    My favorites:

    Happy New Year

    National Security: 1. U.S. Army and Marine Corps. 2. WWII and the Cold War. 3. The nuclear nonproliferation treaty. 4. U.S. contributions to the U.N.’s World Health Organization’s successful effort to eradicate smallpox worldwide (they did).

    Education: 1. University of California (e.g., Berkeley and UCSD). 2. Pell grants for college for low-income citizens. 3. The GI bill.

    Public Infrastructure: 1. Interstate highway system. 2. Hoover Damn and the Lincoln Tunnel. 3. Rural electrification.

    Environment: 1. Clean Water Act. 2. Clean Air Act. 3. sulfur emissions cap and trade system to eliminate acid rain (carbon cap and trade would be modelled on it).

    Social Insurance: 1. Social Security (It is a myth that it is going bankrupt; it’s on a sounder footing than any other USG program). 2. Medicare (yes, it is going bankrupt, but it controls costs better than the private insurance sector. Also, it has administrative costs equal to 2% of total program costs; Most private insurers are around 20%. 3. The Earned Income Tax Credit (originally Milton Friedman’s idea).

    Financial Stability/Consumer Protection: 1. Federal bank deposit insurance. 2. Glass Steagal Act (repealed in 1999 by a lapdog Congress). 3. The banning of lead in consumer products, probably the most underrated contribution to human health in American history.

    Justice: 1. The Civil Rights Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. 2. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    See also some other successful agencies.

    As a favor - it's can't, not 'cant'. I know, you misspell on purpose.

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    Highway system,





    Post Office


    Fire fighters


    Local government

    Federal government

    State & Federal parks

    I'm not at all certain, those mentioned above, are the top ten, most successful... Merely things, I'd hate to see done away with.... Bottom line, if anyone, wants any, of those programs, to remain in place, not counting the post office, because they get no government money... Those programs, have to be paid for... One thing for certain, making any of those programs privet, so a person could side steep the word socialism... Would ultimately be something, even its now supporters, would regret in time, big time....

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    That would depend on your definition of success. I assume you mean programs to assist people in some way and not things like NASA. It would take years to analyze every government program and determine its rate of success. Most people would probably point to things like the GI bill, student loan programs, small farm subsidies, the SBA...

    Why are you spamming the board with this question? Trolling is just stupid.

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