Does anyone know of a book titiled THE ALASKAN?

It is NOT the James Oliver Curwood book of the same name i read this in paperback form 25 or 30 years ago and it's about a young drifter who arrives in Alaska at one of the smaller ports by ship i believe between WWI and WWII but could be after WWII and the life he begins there as a longshoreman and other work,there is explicit sex in this book so is not a juvenile read..but is NOT an "adult"type book The old Gold dredges the author describes are many stories tall and made their own pond to move on.

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    "The Alaskan" by Robert Lund

    "The Alaskan is autobiographical and a neglected, underrated novel that depicts an uncanny accurate view of what it was like in small coastal town like Seward during the depression. It also is an accurate portrayal of the kind of person who came to Alaska during the depression to start a new life and reinvent himself."

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