(Girls Only Please) Is there any girl out there like me?

I'm a guy, by the way. I want to ask you girls:

Are you nice?

Do you love to Laugh?

Do you have a great smile or like to smile?

Are you a Gamer? Meaning, do you play PS3 or Xbox?

Are you Smart? (Important)

Are you Confident in yourself and aren't afraid to say anything?

Can you be caring?

Do you like to talk or having conversations?

What is your favorite genre of music? Mine is Alternative.

Can you be Romantic at the right times?

Would you able to like me for me?

Do you have a great personality?? (That's a big one for me!)

How would you describe your personality?

Are you athletic or like sports? (Give or Take, but I prefer girls who AREN'T massive eaters. I.e. fat. lol.)

Can you be loving in general?

Will you be able to understand me if given the chance?

Are you able to connect with someone on a Mental level rather than a physical level?

Which one is works best for you: Speaking with your heart or talking?

I don't care about looks that much, but if you have them, to me its considered a bonus towards all your personality

Please, give a list of your own if you consider my list to be incomplete and don't be afraid to ask me what I'm like! Like a few things you would want to look for in me? I'll edit them in for you. P.S. I am 18, so I would rather want girls between ages 17 and 22 to answer these. Thanks in advance!

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: I'm only doing this to see if there are actually any girls out there that are like me. My past girlfriends and I didn't click so well because we were incompatible. Input is appreciated and I can take a little criticism, but If you want to judge or be harsh, Please keep it to yourself! Thanks again!

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    7 years ago
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    I have a great reputation at school for being sweet and have outstanding friends since grade one, so I can only assume I am nice if their willing to stick around. :)

    I absolutely love to laugh. I got my Dad's sense of humor, so I LOVE Slapstick, but irony is good too. I like Corner Gas and Seinfeld, along with other shows like Family Guy too...

    I've been told I have a very easy smile, and I honest to God can't stop smiling most of the time, it's just naturally drawn on my face.

    Though I am not a gamer, I do play Pac-Man every now and again. I'm also completely open to trying it...

    The lowest mark I'm getting right now in school is about at 80%, and I have a LARGE amount of common sense.

    Needless to say, I love myself. Sometimes I feel I love myself to much, because I DO need time alone to re-charge as I am an introvert, but yes, I would say I am confident, just not very open, when around new people.

    If I'm sure of one think, I am absolutely caring. I love people, I live to be a good persona dn always want my friends happy, no matter what, and family.

    I'm nervous around new people, but I do enjoy a good debate about literature, or even just movies. I sat for about a good 15 minutes while listening to this guy I know talk on and on about some game he loves, and though I didn't talk that much, I CAN talk if given the opportunity.

    Wow, I like Alternative too. I was actually looking up new stuff to add to my Ipod like two seconds ago. I like Alternative or Rock to be honest, my mom raised me in a Queen or Freddie Mercury house hold, so I have great respect for the Beatles and other Rock icons, but do listen to a far amount of Alternative stuff. If you could recommend some that would be awesome.

    I don't like chick flicks. Hate them, I'm more of a horror movie gal, anything with blood and I'm in! But, I can be extremely romantic and heartfelt. My best friend was sick, just had a headache, but I went out and bought her a card, and was GOING to make her soup, but never got around to it.

    I'm a ferm believer that you should accept people the way they are. If there a science nerd, or even a athlete freak, whatever, its who they are and that's what makes them happy, as long as they love me too, I'm good.

    I like to think I have a good personality. The best way I can tell you, is to go out on the Internet and look up the Myers/ Briggs Personality Indicator, and I am an INFJ. I took the test and was absolutely stunned at how accurate the description was. I am how they described me to a T.

    I am Introverted which means I express my emotions inward and not a lot of people get to know the real me. I am intuitive, which means I know things without being able to explain why, like telling if you are upset just by the way you looked at me. I am SUPER weird and love my quirky sense of humor, and am a very patience person.

    I don't really like sports, but I play tennis now and again, and go to the gym twice a week to keep in shape. I used to be a figure skater, but stopped because I did not enjoy it anymore. I like art and painting much better than sports.

    Once again, I love people and have a affectionate and caring personality naturally.

    I think, if given the chance, and the time to understand you, I probably could. When I talk to people and get to know them, I AM IN IT FOR THE LONG HALL. I've had the same best friends since second grade and known them for over seven years, and been with them during hard times and depression. Oddly enough, I was NEVER low on self esteem, while some of my friends got depressed and eating disorders and I'm still closer than ever. I think loyalty and dedication is key.

    On a mental level. ABSOLUTELY. I live in a mental world. I love possibilities and I strive to have intimate and intense relationships. If I can't emotionally and mentally connect with someone, then I don't bother with them at all. I try and try and try to ALWAYS understand a person inside and out because its the way I live and I live for meaningful relationships and a meaningful life.

    Personally I like to speak with my heart. If I had to follow my head or heart I would choose heart, because I am very intuitive, and trust feeling rather than reason, because I have such a strong sense of my values and the one thing I hold SO, So, SO, close to my heart is integrity. I value my own dignity as a real person and the reason why I strive to help others is because I HAVE such a high amount of worth as a person, that I hold everyone around me to such a high amount of potential and will encourage constant growth and improvement.

    Sorry its so long... :)

    PS: If you have any good songs you want to recommend, please put them in a comment or something, that would be awesome! :)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    This is almost totally me, though we have a different sense in music, and i play hockey, and dance , like 24/7, i really like to maintain my body, but i like to eat alot. Lol .

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