Scope advice for my AR-15?

I'm going to buy a scope for my new AR-15 (probably an NcStar Mark III Tactical Scope OR a UTG compact CQB Scope).

My problem is the front A-bar sight is in the way of a scope. Should I buy a build-up for the scope (to raise it above the front sight)? Or should I remove the front sight and attach a folding MagPul sight?

Thanks in advance for any advice you may have!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hello "Cracker"!

    From what you have said (and not said) I presume that you have an AR15A2, not an A3 with the detachable handle. If you have an A2, DO NOT attempt to remove the front sight "delta". This is not just the sight base, but the gas block. If you remove the front sight base, you risk damaging the "gas bleed" system! As was mentioned, your front sight will barely be noticeable in the scope, and may appear as nothing more than a slightly distracting "blur".

    My advice, is that IF you want a sight picture without the blur of your front sight base, consider purchasing a second complete AR barreled upper. By doing this, you can have an upper with a "clean" A4 profile, with the built in picatinny rail on the upper and gas block, that you can place QD sights on, and still have original upper. Additionally, chances are VERY good, that your current AR has a 1:9" barrel, unless you have a competition model (with either a 1:7" or 1:8" twist). If you purchase a new upper unit, you can have either a 1:8" or 1:7" barrel. The benefit of a different barrel will be seen in range and accuracy. With the 1:9" barrel, the heaviest bullet you can expect to shoot accurately would be UP TO 69 grains, at perhaps 300 yards, but subject to the wind. If you go to a 1:8" or 1:7" barrel, you can shoot 77s very accurately at 300, and 80s (single fed) extremely well at 600 yards. The 80s in a 1:8" barrel can give accuracy comparable to an M14/M1A/M21 shooting M852/M118/XM118 out to a 1000 yards. If you can find an AR barrel that has a 1:6.5" twist, you can fire 90s extremely well at 1000 yards.

    The problem with using a build-up base on your scope mount, is that in order to have a good sight picture (sight alignment), you will have to raise your cheek above the stock comb, destroying your stock weld and affecting your accuracy.

    Good luck and good shooting!

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  • kelsoe
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    4 years ago

    Rock River is an exceptional AR company. I see that it has a detachable carrying handle. It also has rail system on prime of the carrying handle. I might pick to take carrying manage off though. You could mount a 4x ACOG scope on it and that is a pleasant installed. I consider that the ACOG is the satisfactory scope to place on an AR-15. You continue to continue the shut quarters capability, the scope doesnt hinder you in that approach and the ACOG 4x will increase the range of your weapon to prior 500 yards with observe. I wouldnt put some other scope on my AR-15 rather than an ACOG. I might put an M68 Aimpoint purple dot or an EOtech on there but those are only for shut Quarters.

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  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Just spend $400 and get a EOtech Holographic sight or buy a 3x32mm scope. Don't get cheap sights or scopes. The recoil or sudden shock from accidental dropping of the rifle will throw the cheapies out of zero.

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  • Mr.357
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    8 years ago

    The front sight will be so far out of focus that you will not be able to see it. Should I make a comment about your choice of scopes?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    you spent about $1000 on an AR15 and you want ot put a cheap POS NcStar or UTG on it? those things are so bad they're practically unusable. not even worth cosmetic appeal, since they're so bad. they're for airsoft guns, not real guns.

    how about a Trijicon ACOG instead? It will better fit your rifle. (and not disintegrate before you finish a magazine)

    Source(s): rule of thumb with scopes for a nice rifle is scope should cost at least 75% the cost of your rifle.
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