Boyfriend shows no emotions?

My boyfriend of 3 months & I broke up for like 4 days because of something he said to me that hurt my feelings then he called me & tried to work it out. We're back together because I love him although we almost didn't get back together. When he first asked me did I want to go out again I said no because of how he acts. When we're in a relationship he acts as if he doesn't care. He is always treating his female friends better than me. He shows more affection towards them. He never says I love you anymore when he was the first to say it even though he struggled with saying that to me. He also has a hard time apologizing & expressing himself. I always make an effort for him to open up to me but he doesn't. The only way he shows he cares is when I suggests we break up. Then he says no we shouldn't. It is SO confusing, I don't understand him at all. I believe he wants to be with me because he would've never asked for a second chance if he didn't but why doesn't he show it?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    that is so bad that the only time you can get any caring at all is when you say that you two should break up, thats totally not fair to you, your in a relationship, you just want to feel loved, and the person your with right now is taking you for advantage, and thats not right, its like the only reason he's keeping you is so he can have the title of having a girlfriend but he doesnt put in no effort what so effort into the relationship, thats not love

  • Dee
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Or maybe he's just lonely? He sounds like he takes you for granted and doesn't feel like he needs to show affection because he's confident you'll always love him. He couldn't be more wrong! YOU deserve the best boyfriend in the World! If he cannot or will not be able to deliver, than you'll bore of him. Let him know where you stand and he might change his attitude. Sometimes you need to let guys know regardless of how much you love them, you love yourself more. Good luck

  • 8 years ago

    I had a boyfriend like that, and i know its tough, Trust me when i say you should talk to him about how you feel, and if he docent change after you talk to him, leave. I was so much happier after i left him, Even though i loved him a lot.

  • 8 years ago

    you have to understand that not all boys would come with the full package. They're alot of boys out there with different personalitites and how they express it . To me, your boyfriend truely does love you and maybe if you actually try talking to him about it you'll definitely see results.

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  • 4 years ago

    If he's your first, this is his first week of in a courting, and he's often a impassive guy, then this could be a classic habit. adult adult males that tutor no emotion has a tendency to be that way, because of fact they do no longer understand a thank you to act...they're at a loss for words, they do no longer understand what's "perfect" to do in relationships. All you are able to ask of him is time. supply him time. Take walks with him the place there take place to be affectionate couples around...this might supply him the assumption. In 3-4 weeks, he would be heat up and be affectionate. you are able to start up doing lovey dovey issues to him, take initiative!! he gets delicate faster. wish this facilitates. you are able to upload me for different advices in case you will like.

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