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KBI, GBI, CBI, TBI..etc why do these states need their own Bureau of Investigation?

Most other states I know simply have state police that handle highway patrol, intercity operations, corruption...etc

Those states I listed above like TN have TN Highway Patrol, no state police. Instead they have TBI which does statewide investigations or do raids on local corrupt police departments and mayor offices

Are all states converting/transitioning to these Bureaus and abolishing state police?

And for the states who dont have their own Bureaus do they have to call in the FBI for help on difficult crimes or can their state police handle it and have the technology to do so?


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    Typically the east coast states use a state police model. Many of the midwest and west coast states use the highway patrol model. My state has a state level bureau of investigation that frequently is utilized for the most serious crimes; murder, rape and robbery. They also run several state crime labs. The larger city departments with 500 or more officers usually have their own crime lab people and certified crime lab.

    The FBI typically investigates violations of federal laws. The city, county and state officers usually investigate violations of state laws. The FBI routinely helps when requested.

    It's all about money. A single DNA test can cost upwards of $1000. With these budget cuts public safety agencies are constantly trying to find more cost effective ways to investigate crimes.

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    You are mistaken about Tennessee. There is the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation which handles major crimes and assists local police forces with investigations.

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    Pretty much the same a funeral is the main reason and it must be a direct relative like mom or dad or brother ETC. Now if you have been convicted of a terrible crime such as First degree murder and you are a risk they will not transport you. The security precaution is to great. My cousin was in federal super max prison serving 16 years his brother died and they brought him home. The marshal told me that if he had been sentenced to a severe crime he would have not been allowed out, due to a threat to the community His crimes was drugs not murder and he was not a threat to the community

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    Every state has some sort of state level police with investigators. The "F" in FBI means federal and these are state issues where the FBI has no jurisdiction.

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    They have state laws and they need to investigate to see if the laws were violated. They used a model that seemed to work on the Federal Level.

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    Don't know...sorry...

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