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Please read this, it would really help me.?

So basically, I go to a performing arts high school, & I have 3 theatre classes, one is beginning freshman theatre HONORS... I don't know why I was picked to be there but I was happy in the beginning because I wanted to be an actress and I was all happy. Now its the complete opposite. The first thing we did in the class was something called the Fall Festival ( DTASC ) and I was in large group comedy and we one 3rd place out of like 30 schools. The next task, I was partnered up with this girl to perform a quick scene... she didn't do anything and it was hard for me to do everything without her giving much of a response... and I know we failed that. For finals, we had to perform a monologue & I was told to do dramatic. So I memorized and memorized and once I was on stage I forgot everything & started improvising.. then I got confused and there was silence... I heard people in the audience whispering for me to say " scene " so I did and walked off the stage & silently cried. My teacher is really strict and I know I'm getting a low grade in that class and its stressed me out so much because this is something I love doing but I get nervous around the people in my class. I've been going to the same school for 8 years and now that I'm in a new school without many friends... I feel like its hard for me to loosen up & have confidence. I don't know what to do. I'm starting to hate theatre... but at the same time I'm trying to learn from my mistakes. I honestly don't know what I'm trying to ask... but any answer would be nice.

Thank you for listening (: & I apologize if my rant came off as whining.

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    Awwwww!!!!! Poor u!!!! I think you may have a case of new-school-sick-itis;)

    If theatre is your dream, dont give up on it!!!!!

    Ok so i do piano. And before recitals i get really nervous. I have to play by memory during recitals. Then i try to play it in my head, but i forget the notes!!! So then i just try to relax, but i cant!!! Soon its my turn. I start to play. The notes just flow out, and im not even thinking about it!!! Then I imagine myself playing at home and looking out the window. I start relaxing when i finish my first song. Then soon, im done playing my songs and i played them really good!!!

    So my point is, when you are in front of the stage, try to forget everyone's watching you, and dont think very hard on what our gonna say, just let it come out! You have it memorized already. Then imagine yourself really in the story. Dont let it stress you out, its something you enjoy!

    I know how it feels being new. I hate being new. I know its really hard to just be yourself and say what you want. But after awhile, you'll slowly start warming up. Thats what i've noticed. It just takes some time to get friends and to be able to just talk to them. After a while, i bet you'll adjust!!!!!! :)

    Ya know what i found out about acting? You have to have a lot of guts, courage, and confidence to walk onto a stage. I bet you have a lot of confidence, you just dont see it:) i wish you the best of luck in your new school and theatre things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh! And if you forget some of your lines on stage, you can add drama and pretend that you have stage fright!!!!! Can you do that?

    I hoped i helped!!!!!!:)

    And i hope you love your new school and get lots of friends and do really well in theatre!!!!!!!!!!!!:):) just hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:!

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