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Why can't you libs stop being so stupid and read this AEI article?

Maybe now you'll finally realize the error of your ways.

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    The message of the article, ultimately, is that life isn't fair. I can accept that.

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    The inequality our country enjoys is at the behest of the conservative push to end a 200 year old system that made our country the wealthiest most productive in the world. With changing to supply side economics and the de-regulation of wall street the inequality was enabled. Trickle down never happened. Inequality didn't happen because more and more people became lazy. On the contrary hours worked, efficiency, and production have all risen but wages have stagnated for 30 years. This road we are on economically should be called the stupid road.

  • drhead
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    8 years ago

    We do believe that we should have equal opportunity. This person is just using a strawman. He immediately fails when he said that we all end up with an equal opportunity in life. This is not true. If you were born as the daughter of a rich CEO, you probably won't ever have to work in your entire life. If you are born in a homeless family who can barely get enough to eat through the mercy of others, much less send you to college, you are much less likely to be a wealthy CEO, you'd be lucky to get any job. The problem is the class division in America. It needs to stop so there isn't just a wealthy elite lording over the working middle class.

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    The premise of your question hinges on the assumption that the article by Mr Brooks is so astoundingly well written that it will persuade us "stupid liberals" to abandon our ideals in favour of his conservative ideas, but, alas ... it was not. The article was both poorly conceived and clumsily executed. So, in answer to your question, I've read "this AEI article" - but I'm not about to change my opinions regarding income inequality - especially as a result of the strawman argument offered in that pathetic article.

    Thank you for playing anyway.

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    I'm a liberal and I actually enjoy reading Arthur C. Brooks (President of AEI), I've read a couple of his books (The Road to Freedom and Who Really Cares).

    He is one of the intellectual Conservatives that I respect for being aware yet I feel is inherently evil... much like Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger or Karl Rove. Their intentions seem to be generally self-serving.

  • Jeff S
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    8 years ago

    Sounds like an elite class advocate!

    It is a shame conservatives do't believe in that kind of equality!

  • L.T.M.
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    8 years ago

    Good article. Sadly he underestimated that 30%.

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    Why can't you republicans talk like mature adults instead of whinny little children with petty insults.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    he's full of crap.

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