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Wasn't Obama's stimulus great in rebuilding our infrastructure? I've enjoyed the non-upgrades?

... to our electrical grid, railroads, bridges, water and sewer, etc.

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    7 years ago
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    the interstate by me got major lane widening and so on

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    Here is my favorite use of the stimulus money. There was segment on tv that showed "signs" located near the few projects that actually got started, the signs read " Your stimulus dollars at work"

    They did some research and discovered the government paid $10,000 dollars for each sign, ten thousand bucks! They contacted the person in charge and he said he felt it was important to let people know where there money was going. The reporter said that 10k per sign was absurd, the government official said all the signs represented only a tiny fraction of the overall stimulus.

    If thats the case, try this, In April when your taxes are due, intentionally hold back a few hundred or few thousand, then when the IRS comes calling, tell them the shortage only represents a tiny fraction of what you owe and that you spent that money putting up a sign that says, "I paid my taxes".

    If its ok for our government to spend our money this way then I should have the same leeway in paying my taxes.

  • 3 years ago

    Ohh authentic, all Obama electorate are intellectuals. all of them bypass to Starbucks and that all of them examine Trotsky! None of them are rather working classification. Republicans can not have it the two approaches (or 7 distinctive approaches). Obama electorate have been a fantastically distinctive crowd (evaluate to McCain electorate). you have the uninformed unfavorable electorate. you have African-individuals. you have the Intellectuals. The conservative Democratic working classification. etc. etc. besides in spite of if there have been no Democrats that could earnings from the recent jobs, why might that be a controversy? shouldn't Obama be attempting to do what's ultimate for united statesa., no longer his occasion? i think of that's what he will attempt to do (by the type nonetheless, that's what's ultimate for his occasion).

  • 7 years ago

    He's just waiting for his shovel order to be filled. Harry and some of the Dems already got theirs, and they've been shoveling it for the last week or so. The poor president was sooo tired, he had to take a holiday in Hawaii, and Harry and co. needed a break from blocking legislation, so they went home for Christmas. Now it's the Republicans who are at fault, according to Harry from Nevada. How close is Vegas to DC?

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  • 7 years ago

    So have I. But that's OK because the pork helped some congresscriminals get reelected. We need to CUT spending.

    Here are some ideas:

    1. End the Department of Homeland Security (The Coast Guard could go back to the DOT).

    2. End the pointless and bloody wars overseas.

    3. Close down every single U.S. Military base in Europe and Southwest Asia.

    4. End the federal War on Drugs (it has accomplished nothing useful).

    5. End ALL federal “foreign aid”.

    6. End the Department of Education.

    If we do these things we could even have some money left over to shore up the U.S. Postal Service, which is one of the few federal departments that is actually authorized by the U.S. Constitution. And we could start paying off the National Debt.

  • Katz22
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    7 years ago

    There is a huge investment in infrastructure included in the fiscal cliff deal but of course, the republicans are saying "no" to it.

  • Frank
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    7 years ago

    They redid a large portion of the interstate where I live. It's a lot nicer now. My town also got some railroad crossings fixed.

    Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there.

  • 7 years ago

    i like falkland's post and with baited breath i sit and waited for one politician to get on my television and say any of what falkland suggested .. Well i am damn glad i didn't hold my breath because neither repub nor democrap said a word about any of that terrible waste of our tax payers money .. No they want to put Social security and Medicare which i pay for every week and don't draw into the same box as welfare for the over fifty percent that don't pay taxes in this country .. I for one and sick and tired of paying taxes on taxes in this country .. The money is taxed when you earn it and then taxed again when you spend it .. Seems to me like taxation without representation but hey i am not a lib and a damn weak repub so who am i anyway.

  • Clara
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    7 years ago

    Obama's stimulus was a handout to his banker buddies. If he could've got twice as much out of the R's in congress--what every economist agreed was needed--he might've thrown a little into infrastructure repairs, but I don't have much faith that he wouldn't have just passed it around to the top 1%.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Thank your republican congressman for that! We've successfully prevented any stimulous money from being used on our infrastructure.

    Death to America!

    Tea Party Forever!

  • 7 years ago

    What's the matter?

    Didn't Santa bring Boo Boo a DVD of the 2012 Republican Presidential Convention for Christmas?


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