Yaoi manga suggestions!?

Okay guy's I just finished reading Mishima Kazuhiko's "Lover's Doll" and I seriously think it was amazing! Also I have read another manga by the same author named "Miwaku no Ringo" and "Papa I Love You" and as the same as the previous one, it really gave me more than the results that I have expected. But "Sumanai Masumi-kun" (by Itsuki Kaname), "Calling" (by Ootuski Miu), and "Drop of First Love" (from a manga called Tonari ni Kimi no Nukumori w, by Ootsuki Miu) are one of my ultimate favorites!

So in to the request:

□ I want to read a yaoi manga with stories that are sweet as this! (I don't mind if its shota con or incest or anything else... As long as if you think the story is good or similar to this it's going to leave me more than satisfied.

□ I'm not a very big fan of fantasy, and I prefer slice of life. (Just saying!)

□ Glasses uke = good, Nerds (that are uke) = EVEN BETTER! ^_^

□ Make it as sweet as possible that it will give me cavities!

□ And I'd prefer if there's at least one "scene" before the story ends. (Even if it isn't chapter by chapter as long as it has one...)

□ I'm not very picky about art work, but artworks that are similar to Mishima Kazuhiko, Ootsuki Miu, Junko, or Itsuki Kaname are much preferred.

□ And suggest as many as you like!

This is all I can say! Thank you for your sincere cooperation! ^_^

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    Here is a list of yaoi mangas that is either cute in the art or story. Hope you liked at least one of them! (Sorry for writing so much...) ^^''

    Ai No Kotoba Mo Shiranaide - The first story is really cute, and I love how the uke is so active when it comes to sex O//O.. (pluss he wears glasses!) -


    The Sound Of A Bell Can Be Heard - Im not a big fantasy either, but this manga has some cute characters and the story is sweet -


    If Dogs Could Also Walk - This manga is HOT! With a big H. xD but the first story is really cute and the seme keeps the ears when he turns into a human -


    Mousou Catalogue - This is a cute and smexy yaoi, with a super cute uke in! And to top it off with a perverted seme that likes to fantasies a lot -



    Tenshi No Heart Rhythm - I liked the first story the best, since the seme really loves the uke and the art is great! And its shotacon -


    Love Skit - This is one of my favorite yaoi mangas out there, since the art is simple but the uke is still so cute -


    Aishichattano - A collection of different shota stories, with cute art and smexy scenes -


    Hito ni Ienai Aidagara - I liked every stories in this manga, and I enjoyed it extra much because of the art -


    Koi No Katachi - It may not look like it on the cover, but the art is really cute and the story is about the love between father and son. (This contain incest!) -


    Ikujinashi No Shiawase - I love both of the stories in this one! Cause the uke in the first one is a cute shorty, and still is older than the seme xD -


    Ps. I love Mishima Kazuhiko's work too! My first manga I read was ''Papa I love you'' and it was just so cute and .. omg! I just loved it so much xD

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    I'm no longer definite if you are watching for tale, or simply the *ahem* intriguing side of yaoi, so I'll simply record my *cough* favorites. Love Stage!! Sex Therapist Akiyama-Kun and Kimi Note (and each and every different yaoi by way of Junko) If you are watching for some thing hardcore, check out Love Prism.

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