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Diet for a 13 year old girl?

I can't tell you my weight and height because I don't know,but I have a massive stomach and would like to lose weight, to give you some idea I'm size uk14 top and 12 bottoms I want to get down to a size 10 on both, 8 if possible.

My regular day consists of:

Breakfast: a satsuma, banana or a handful of grapes

Lunch: seeded brown bread salad sandwich ( lettuce and cucumber, no butter as I'm extremely picky with spreads)

Throughout the school day I usually drink anywhere between 500ml-1l of bottled water

When I get home from school I usually have another piece of fruit

Dinner: some type of pasta usually, a lot of times I use canned tomatoes on it or tomato soup. If I put cheese on it, it's usually around once a fortnight as I know it's extremely fatty. I usually drink another 500ml bottle of water with that

My dinner tends to be a large portion as I get hungry throughout the day. Any tips on how to cut that down and not end up bingeing on unhealthy foods?( that's what happens a lot if I try to have a smaller dinner)


Sit ups every morning (before breakfast) and night (before bed) I do as many as I can in 30 mins

I walk to school on my own to a fast music beat(30mins) +back

Street dancing(of low intensity) Mondays- two hours Saturday's 1hr and a half.

Any tips on more exercise I could do? I can't join school teams as I'm rubbish and my mum hasn't got enough money to send me to another club or the gym. We don't have any sports equipment in our house as no one is very sporty and I don't have a lot of space to do any exercise in.

I'm not looking for 'honey, a diet isn't right for your age' as I just want to lose weight and be healthy (I've had bulimia before and scared I'm going to fall into that trap again)

Also, any tips for staying on it? As I haven't got the biggest amount of willpower.

Thankyou to those who answer xx

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    I suggest that you have a good breakfast and lunch, make dinner lighter. The reason you eat more at night is because you don't get enough calories throughout the day. Try to go for a run (at least in weekends if you cannot during the week), it doesn't require any equipment or space since you'll be doing it outdoors.

    Just try to be more active, and try to do a sport you like. It's ok, no one is born athletic! You can learn a new sport (at school) you shouldn't expect to be really good at it from the start. This is probably the best thing to do, when you do a sport because you love it and enjoy it, you'll get the body you want without even trying!

    Last but not least, don't worry too much about your body now. You're in the "transition" phase from being a kid to being an adult and to be honest, this phase isn't really cool! I didn't like my body a lot when I was your age either, but thank God it changed! So chances are you'll grow up to be a good looking woman if you continue eating healthy and exercising, and you'll laugh when you remember yourself as a teenager and how your body was your number one concern! Good luck :)

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    Don't skip meals if you skip a meal you will be more likely to snack or gorge at the next meal. Try for 3 moderate meals with 2 healthy snacks you need to aim to eat something every 3 to 4 hours to prevent you from getting to that ravenous emotional stage. You also need to take in more calories, your current diet will encourage the binging you want to avoid. You should be getting b/w 1600 to 2000 calories a day since you are so active and still growing. I know it is hard to believe you can lose weight but I lost 20 lbs in a few months eating that amount and I am older so my metabolism isn't what it once was haha Your eating disorder may have altered your metabolism buts a few months of healthy eating and you should hopefully be back on track, so if weight loss takes time don't freak out. Pounds lost too quickly and because of an overly restrictive diet are always regained, so better to do it the right way.

    Eat a nutritious breakfast your breakfast is inadequate and that's partly why you get so hungry in the day, if you have a bigger breakfast you can make do with a lighter dinner

    Some suggestions for breakfast my answer is ultra long and has one vote haha

    Healthy snack ideas (fruit, natural yoghurt and berries, an oz of mozzarella and tomatoes, baby carrots and natural peanut butter, sweet potato fries, veggies and hummus, a homemade fruit smoothie, oatmeal crackers, 1 egg and some fresh spinach or 2 egg whites on wholegrain toast, a healthy cereal, plain nuts and seeds with some dried fruit likes apricots or raisins, a muesli bar, baked chips instead of fried, dark chocolate as it satisfies the sweet craving faster)

    Drink plenty of water sometimes when we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty

    Aim for as much natural fresh and unprocessed food as you can avoid diet foods and sugar free they will make you overeat and if nothing else try to cut out soda and sweet drinks you can lose 10 lbs a year just doing that!

    Flavor enhancers like MSG and High Fructose Corn Syrup will encourage gorging so avoid them if possible

    Low GI would be good for you as well it will help keep your blood sugar levels stable which will give you more energy, keep you satisfied longer, improve your metabolism, slim your waistline and is just generally a fabulous idea for your health. Also keep your sugar and salt intake low because they exacerbate cravings and encourage gorging

    Divide your plate

    1/2 fruits and veggies

    1/4 lean protein (about 2-3 oz) you might find you need a bit more protein to keep you full so you don't gorge that's okay (make sure to have protein with every meal and snack)

    1/4 fiber rich low GI carbs

    Manage your stress in healthy ways; exercise, meditation, journal writing, socializing and confiding in positive and trustworthy people (do not waste time on negative critical people), walking (some fresh air can do wonders), reading, creative outlets, therapy or a support group if you feel you might be close to slipping back into Bulimia, intellectually stimulating activities (learn something new like a language)

    Don't spend too much time on the internet or watching television that will just increase feelings of isolation and depression and they encourage snacking

    Get your healthy fats; avocados, fatty fish, flax, olives, plain nuts and seeds your diet seemed to be lacking and fats are important to the health of your skin, brain, digestive tract, and heart (if you don't eat enough you will lower your good cholesterol and you can set yourself at risk for heart disease)

    As for exercise a combination of weight baring and cardio is best to burn fat

    Weight baring would be stuff like body weight and free weight exercises, yoga, Pilates and such. Watch out for over exercise though

    Here is a site with loads of free workouts that don't require equipment

    Here is a site with some HIIT videos great if you want to shorten the time but still burn the calories

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    You need protein!!!! In your pasta put chicken in it. Chicken breast is probably best... Don't get rotisserie chicken tho that stuff is hella fatty!

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    do more cardio workout and just eat healthy

    diets don't work!!! natural food is the secret.

    good luck!

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