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is my G-shock real or fake?

its black the display shows the digital time in the bottom day and date on the top separated by 5 circles three small ones marked alm, sig, stw in that order left to right then a larger one that has 5 white lines around it with a blinking lights in it and the largest one has 12 white lines around it with more blinking lights in it. the buttons top left is labeled adjust, top right says reverse bottom left says mode and the bottom right says forward. on the face there are more words from the top going clock wise it says alarm, casio, st sp, start stop, reset, wr30m chronograph, mode, el, light. it also says G-SHOCK on the top and PROTECTION on the bottom. it is all digital there is no analog hands.

on the back side it says

shock resist

anti magnetic

shock absorbing structure

that's in the middle

around the edge it says

casio 5081 GA-100 st.steel back japan mov't y cased in Thailand water resist 20bar

I don't expect its real it was a gift from a rarely seen extended family member and I have put in the numbers 5081, ga 100, and wr30m to see if what I had looked similar but it didn't as mine has no analog hands but the ones I looked up did so I don't know if its real or not please help

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  • 007
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    7 years ago
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    Its hard to say without seeing it, but if it's got a nice weight to it, all the materials aren't cheap or flimsy, the logo looks good, and all the chronograph and all the functions work than it's probably real. The G-shock is very popular so there are many versions out there, which also means there are alot of fakes. If you want complete validation as to whether or not it is real or fake you can take it to a watchrepair shop, a jewler, a pawnshop, anywhere that deals with watches then they'll be able to tell really quickly. Just go in and be like, "Hey, is this G-shock real?"

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