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Joe asked in SportsOutdoor RecreationHunting · 7 years ago

Scary hunting/camping experience?

You have one?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I had been out all morning Turkey hunting in southern Ohio. I had been chasing a bird that was a very wary one. Was doing allot of moving closer as he walked away. So had been hiding really well, since this bird was smarter then most. Hiding in bushes, under blown down trees, and just about the best spots I had available.

    When I got back to my truck I always peel off my pair of camo coveralls. I wear them so that I can peel off all the dirt and if there are ticks, They go in the back of the truck. Take my boots off and put sneakers on. Well, I am then driving down the road, and something starts crawling up my leg, then I can see it under my jeans coming over my knee. I am thinking, oh darn, all those things I was hiding in and under, I have a darn Timber Rattler, coming up my leg.

    I slammed on the brakes, grabbed the thing through my jeans, jumped out the truck, and held it away from my skin standing there in the middle of the forestry road. So now what do you do ? I decided to keep it away from me as much as possible and drop it out the bottom of my pant leg.

    I was a 8" long mirror colored Lizard. Scared the heck out of me, cause I knew all the places I had been hiding was a perfect way to find those darn rattlers. Any way, I survived and didn't even wreck the truck. : )

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  • 7 years ago

    Staap: ha!! That's priceless!

    I have been doing both long enough to make most of the classic blunders. I've flipped 2 jon boats while fishing, once was a friends fault though. We got blown off a camp sight at 3 in the morning. Left everything and drove for shelter. Came back at daylight and a giant, rotten cottonwood had fallen on 3 of our 4 tents. Of the six people on the trip, five of us would have been killed. Since then I always inspect the trees near my campsight.

    I've stepped into sinkholes while duck hunting. Wading in knee deep water, take one step and you are struggling for your life. Its terrifying when the water is lapping over your waders and you can't get any traction to step out of the hole. Another unnerving duck hunting situation is when its rifle season for deer and a truck pulls up and rolls down his window and points his rifle at your decoys. He may be using the scope to get a closer look, or he might be dumb enough to mistake them for real geese and pop a round off in my direction over water.

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  • 7 years ago

    When I was really little, like 5 I think, my brother took me camping (he was 15). The tent fell out of his pickup on the drive there, so we slept in the back, but then the fire that we built caught my sleeping bag on fire, which proceeded to burn up most of the car. We had to walk like ten miles at 1 in the morning to get cell service to call a tow truck. Bleggh. Never been camping since.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    yep minivan got stuck in sand, 35 miles out of town, 32 miles from cell service, middle of desert. bad weather too, seriously life threatening situation, ever since we've been going in my friend's 4x4 Jeep instead. minivan hauls lots of stuff and have lots of room, but it's off road capabilities is absolutely terrible. the sand wasn't even an inch deep, and the tires would just slide and slide, no traction.

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  • 3 years ago

    no longer in all probability. the single that became closest became while i became camping out upstate and a extreme thunderstorm rolled in, have been given soaked became and that i became chilly. that became no longer very frightening to me. i had even larger scares sitting in my domicile.

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